Tuesday, 27 December 2016

A Political Post About Discrimination

So I got sucked into....another...debate on racism last night.
This time it was not with some random white woman on twitter or Facebook though.
It was right here at home with fellow Kenyans.
Their argument was that Racism is not a local problem. It's not something we have to concern ourselves with...
Now I know we can be quite hypocritical as a nation but I just couldn't let that one go.
See it's like this y'all.
When I saw the video of Eric Garner asphyxiate from the weight of a policeman on his chest I was outraged.
I also felt a little smug about living in a place where as a person of color I was not a second class citizen. That even our little 'third world country' does better on some issue than 'the greatest country' in the world.
But then I took another look at myself and the country I live in.
Were we really so perfect?
Are there no parallels to be drawn?
What about that driver who was shot in cold blood because he was going to be a witness for a lawyer against the police?
What about all those coastarians who 'disappeared' on 'suspicion' of being Al Qaeda. Their families have no idea where they are; if they're even alive. What did they do?
The police are just as brutal here, as they are there. But because I happen to escape the demographic containing 'persons of interest' I can sit back and say, "Oh we're great."
I'm all those white people who say, "If you don't want to be shot by police you should do exactly as they say. If you don't then it's your fault you got killed like a dog in the street."
Or worse.
I'm the Syrian government in Aleppo letting Russians massacre my citizens and turning my country into a post apocalyptic landscape of death and destruction.
I'm the smug, self-righteous being saying "They're in the wrong and I'm in the right."
I don't want to be.
I wanna be George Michael (May he rest in peace).
When the opinions of the world said "You gotta be this way."
He said "Fuck you. I'm gonna be who I am. Sometimes the clothes do not make the man, sister."
Remember Freedom '90? Remember what inspired that song?
He was caught in a loo getting blown by a guy.
Newspaper sales!
And of course, these days if a celebrity was ever caught getting a blowjob in a public bathroom it'd be the apology tour, the giving money to charity, the 'I'll never do it again' PR speeches...
George said "Look people, surprise. I'm gay. Now deal with it."
(Not like people don't get blown in bathrooms all the time. Both gay and straight).
Then he did a song and a music video called "Freedom '90" at the end of which he tells us that Jesus Forgives...
So put that in your pipe and smoke it.
You don't have to follow the party line.
You don't have to drink the Kool Aid.
You can think for yourself.
You can come to your own conclusions about things.
You can live free.
I'm passionate about this stuff.
That's why it makes it's way into my writing.
What are you passionate about?

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