Friday, 7 October 2016

East African Friday Feature

Guess what's back? Back again. East African Friday Feature's Back. Tell a friend.

People don't realize the earth is not just theirs. It's like wilful blindness. At least that's what Oran's mother told him when he was old enough to understand.
"Stay away from the man places." she warned.
"They will kill you if they see you", his father added.

But Oran was a pup, brimming chock full of curiosity. He wanted to smell all the plants, pee on every tree and smell every other animal he came upon. As his limbs got longer and stronger he ventured further and further away from his home; the cave where his family gathered in the evening, well hidden and safe from other predators. His mama and papa were apex predators, but they had pups to protect. They took that very seriously.

Oran's brothers and sisters were less adventurous than he was. It was a source of great agitation to his mother and secret pride to his father. He was leader of the pack and Oran was shaping up to be an excellent heir; if he could keep himself out of trouble long enough to achieve adulthood.
Oran was nosing around in the woods one day, following a strange scent when his forehead bumped into something. The something was standing upright clearly, with brown stalks which were thin and straight and also the source of the scent he was following. Oran butted his head against the stalk again seeing if it would move and it made a sound startling Oran so badly he reared backwards, lost his balance and rolled over on his short fat legs. The stalks made another sound, it seemed happy. Delighted. Like Oran did when he yipped because his mother brought a particularly juicy morsel for him and his siblings to share.

Then the stalks were moving! There were two of them, one right next to the other but they did not move in tandem. First one stepped forward, then the other.
Oran had to admit he was a bit afraid. He didn't know what these were! Would they eat him?!?
Then the stalks bent, one lower than the other and suddenly paws appeared in his vision; funny looking ones; not like his and there was a face in front of him, mouth open and teeth on display. It was a scary sight. The thing was much bigger than him.
"Hello. What do we have here puppy? Are you alone?"

The thing was making sounds but Oran couldn't understand them. They didn't sound threatening though, so he unfurled himself and stood on his feet. He was a wolf of the Berach Pack. He would go down fighting if he could not vanquish this enemy. He showed his teeth too, so the enemy would know that he meant business.
"Awww. Are you growling at me? So sweet. I won't hurt you. Promise."
The thing kept on making sounds. And they still didn't sound threatening. It extended one of its paws, like it wanted Oran to scent it! The pup looked up at the thing's face and found that it's teeth weren't showing anymore. Instead it's mouth was spread wide as if it was happy and it had folded it's paw so it's claws were away from Oran. The thing's eyes were staring into Oran's and the pup detected no threat from it. His curiosity got the better of him and he leaned forward to sniff at the paw.

He reared back again, almost losing his balance for a second time. The thing's smell was strong! And definitely alien to the forest. What was this thing? Oran crept forward again, sniffing delicately.
"That's a good boy. See? Not dangerous at all."
The thing was talking in a soothing voice and Oran found he was letting his guard down. He sat on the ground in front of the thing, and it sat too, staring back at Oran.
"Can I take you home?"
The thing was still making sounds. Oran thought it might be trying to communicate. Suddenly he heard a howl from deeper in the woods. He knew that voice; it was his father. It was a warning.
There were men in the forest; time to get home. Oran stood up and talk off.
"Wait! Pup!"
The thing was shouting behind him, which scared Oran even more; he ran faster disappearing like a ghost into the shadows determined to get home before his father felt it necessary to find him. Before the bad men found him.

The East Africa Friday Feature has been revived; the prompt was "People don't realize that the earth is..." which came about because of the number of trees being cut to make way for the concrete jungle. Participating blogs will be added as they update.
This is my first story I've written from the point of view of an animal. I need critiques. Go crazy.


Unknown said...

Wah, I love the dog perspective! It's interesting sometimes I wonder what my cat is thinking. I definitely know she thinks she owns me, but it's so fascinating imagining what they're thinking. I love this because, yes, we're not the only ones living on this earth. Surprising as always.

Annemarie Musawale said...

Thanks +Elly in Nairobi. Your comments are always very uplifting.