Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Politics 101

This is a post written for the literati blog hop. The subject we're tackling is #electionsKE.
So I was going to the supermarket this evening and as I stood at the bus stop, it began to fill with people. They seemed very excited, some woman was actually ululating. It was very loud. I wanted to tell every to shut up and sit down.
Well, as the excitement mounted, I realized that the source of all this was the fact that Y'all's current president was gonna drive past any minute.
Not stop.
Not distribute wads of cash.
Drive past.
So all the stanning going on around me was excitement at seeing a bunch of black tinted windowed vehicles zooming past at dangerous speeds.
For security reasons, nobody is even sure which vehicle the current president was in but no...
And I would understand if it was Mr. Daniel Moi because he had a habit of making random stops and distributing cash to lucky passersby. Yes, it was your taxpayer money but nobody was too bothered about that. But Mr. Kenyatta could never.
You might be wondering why I am calling him your current president...well if you have been living under a rock for the past week or so you might have missed the fact that the Supreme Court of Kenya nullified the election.
It was from my sister that I heard the news. She's a lawyer, so I figured she must know what she was on about. But it was just...such.a. shock.
I mean the world has been showing us it's ass for the last two years right? People left and right reaching for the lowest common denominator. Living down to our expectations. I mean I only listened to like a snippet of the court case while riding a matatu but it sounded to me like there was actually a legit case to answer. I just assumed the judges would overlook that and throw the case out.
And then they didn't.
Y'all do not understand.
You just don't.
People are taking this as a victory for Raila Odinga but it isn't. Fuck him. This is a victory for the rule of law and order. For the possibility of presenting your case and having it heard and judged simply on the merits of the case.
It restored my faith in humanity frankly. It was like that time Moses saved the Block from the Aliens...
But I digress.
Well, of course, this moment of purity could not last very long. Not even a day had passed before Mr. Kenyatta was threatening to 'take care of' the Supreme Court once he's re-re-elected to the cheers and encouragement of his court jesters, sycophants, ass lickers and general idiots. He's such a petulant child, I don't get why people can't see that.
On the other hand, Mr. Odinga is acting like he already won the repeat election.
Aaaand on the ground, hate is spreading like wildfire. I always had it in the back of my mind that this tribalism thing is a bit of a joke but when it affects my relatively sane Facebook timeline then it's time to admit that things are thick.
To go back to where I began, with people stanning a president who is whizzing past in his motorcade, willing to harm their neighbors for that guy because he happens to speak the same 'mother tongue' as them...I want to ask you to stop.
Just stop.
Go and sell your sukuma wiki, feed your family, educate your children. Because Mr. Kenyatta or Mr. Odinga are not going to do that for you. Their kids attend the same schools, abuse the same drugs, marry the same debutantes...while you fight over the scraps they throw you as if you're stupid. You're not stupid. Quit acting like you are.

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