Tuesday, 4 August 2015

The Swamp is Ready For Exploration

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The swirling mist was blinding…not just because it obscured her vision, but it also stung her eyes.  Furthermore it smelled…evil; like the aftermath of a great conflagration in the bayou.  She’d seen one or two of those when lightning had struck a tree and set it on fire…the combination of swampy smells and burned wood was an assault on the nostrils. That’s how this mist smelled. The loss of sight and smell and taste disoriented her so much that she didn’t know which way was the right way to go. Not that she even knew where she was or how she got here or what she was doing here really. She stepped carefully forward, not able to see the ground and her foot bumped on something solid. It was a narrow thing but sturdy. It didn’t budge even when she pushed her foot at it to see if it would. Reaching her hands out slowly she tried to feel her way forward, past this obstacle.
Her hands closed on another narrow solid piece of horizontal something. She found that she could curl her fingers around it…it must be some sort of bar, or barrier. She stepped forward and looked down at her hands trying to see what she was holding. She was startled to see a crib…with a baby in it. She peered at it noting the piercing grey eyes and a full head of curly brown hair. She suspected, from its size, that it was newborn or close to it. She thought she’d never seen anything so beautiful ever. Funnily enough the baby seemed able to hold her gaze, its eyes looking eerily aware. She studied it; it couldn’t be more than three months old. Did intelligence show in babies’ eyes that quick? The baby opened its mouth and she tensed herself to hear him cry.
“What took you so long?” it said.

Mya woke up with a startled cry.

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