Friday, 25 November 2016

#EraseandRewindChallenge is Live!

So you've bought the book. You've read it.
I hope.

Now win an $10 Amazon gift card by posting an +Instagram video of yourself reading from the book in thee moste dramatique fashion imaginable. I'll repost your vids on my instagram (@fictionistah) and the one that gets the most likes wins the prize.
So simple right?
Get posting!
Challenge ends 10th December.

Wednesday, 16 November 2016

Of Ghosts and Legends

Child of Destiny has really benefited from Erase and Rewind launch week. But not my other books. Not Between Death and Heaven or Requiscant in Pace
*ponders why that could be*
Could it be that I pay too much attention to Child of Destiny and not enough to the rest?
So today, I'm going to talk about Between Death and Heaven. The fun facts.
For example did you know that my editor for the book called it a masterpiece? He was pretty in love with it. So in love in fact that he wasn't too thrilled that Child of Destiny went off in different tangent.
There I go, mentioning COD...
Anyways, seriously let us discuss the reasons why Between Death and Heaven is epic.

  • It gives a whole new perspective on the after-life. Not totally original of course (what is?) but a twist on various cultural beliefs and legends plus a bit of Beetelgeuse which kind of depicted the afterlife as this dreary government office where you get these forms in order to move on to the next phase. And there are endless lines and lots of waiting.
  • Between Death and Heaven has forms to be filled, and hoops to be jumped. any good story, there are obstacles to getting there. Also Hitler.
  • We meet Mama Ruth in this book. If you've read any of my child of destiny series books, then you know Mama Ruth. Only she and Armand are in all of them. Forever mysterious, forever pulling strings behind the scenes.
  • Ah Armand...Mr. Hot Sexy Piece of Ass. What is he? Who is he? How does he fit? When I was writing him, I kinda visualized him as Louis de Pont du Lac. Not the Brad Pitt version; the original in the novel. Tall. Green eyed. Graceful. Angsty. Self-absorbed...Super cute.

And then there was Phil and Lillian. I wanted to write Lillian as the most anti-heroine to ever exist. She's taller than Phil, self sufficient, not delicate in any sense of the word. Hell, she's from south London. She comes from the Ends. She wrestles crocodiles for a living.She's a modern day Amazon. If she reminds me of anyone, it's Jamie Fraser.

Phil on the other hand is a delicate flower. In my head he kinda looks exactly like JLo's ex-husband Marc Anthony. Or Maria Doria Russell's Father Emilio Sandoz. Phil is actually part Native American so the latter probably fits better.

They're a perfect fit.
Because the hero isn't always tall, square jawed and muscled.
And the female isn't always a crying, shrinking violet who needs to be saved.
Sometimes they save each other.

Sunday, 13 November 2016

A Look Behind the Curtain

Now that you've had time to read Erase and Rewind it's time to take a look behind the scenes. A few facts that might interest you about the writing of.
First of all you might have noticed that there was some kind of foreign language in the story.

What is that?” she exclaimed in fear taking an involuntary step back.
Djab”, the sailor said falling to the ground.

That language is Haitian Creole. I used google translate to write so I hope I got it right. Let me know if I fucked up huh?
I like to do that though. I like to mix and match cultures according to their lore and beliefs. A thing that I find is that there is a lot of intercourse between the cultural beliefs of different peoples. The people of Hispaniola who are featured in this story carried their beliefs in a boat from West Africa and then modified it from Christian beliefs, and the cultures of other peoples they came across. The thing is that ultimately, we all come from the same root.

This week is a good one to remember that huh?
There is also no escaping that mix and match that has taken place because it's like HIV. It gloms itself onto your DNA and you can't kill it without killing yourself.
Which makes me question all these so called cures people are claiming to have. If you've found the cure for HIV it means you can now cure viruses. All viruses. Because they all behave in the same way and that's why you can only manage them.

It's the same thing with supremacy. Be it white supremacy, kikuyu supremacy, wherever you find it in the world. People think it's a cure but it's not. It's a blindfold. A blindfold to assist the person donning it to escape from reality.
One thing I like about myself and it's reflected in the way I write is that escaping from reality is not in the cards. My books might give you a new way to look at that reality, a way to gain new perspectives; but not to kid yourself about it.
Some people don't like that. They prefer the 'bury your head in the sand' approach. More power to you. :)

Saturday, 12 November 2016

And Now...For My Next Trick

It's been about...twelve days since Erase and Rewind was released. I'd like to thank you all for all the copies of Child of Destiny you've bought as a result...Very confusing but gratifying nevertheless.
I did manage to get my first review for Erase and Rewind and it was FIVE STARS!
Whoever you are Kindle Customer, I'm so happy you enjoyed the book.
I was thinking about maybe doing a sequel but then you guys seem more interested in Child of Destiny so maybe I concentrate on that sequel. It's more than half written but life has been happening at a 2016 rate so...
Is anybody having an epic 2016?
I won't complain because I haven't missed a meal, my son is alive and healthy and I have work to do, and y'all enjoy my books.
At least a little bit.
Well so anyway, pretty soon I shall be unveiling the #eraseandrewind challenge to take advantage of the current social media craze and give you another reason to buy the book.
 It involves reading.
In accents.
Will you join me?

Wednesday, 9 November 2016

Now What?

So orangeface won the election a.k.a Donald Trump. He is now President-Elect...

Let's just let that sink in for a moment.
Are you alright? Have you done some self care? Ran across any fascists trying to lynch you in the streets? If so I don't know what I can say to make it better. I don't know who you turn to when your leadership is in favor of your extermination. I really don't.
I feel a little selfish even mentioning it but I feel personally betrayed by white Americans. I feel like every single one who said that they weren't voting for Trump was actually a lying liar who lied. And I don't know if I can even watch any TV show starring white people right now.
There are like four famous white guys who have demonstrably indicated that they are devastated by the Trump win; the Carver twins, Chris Evans and Misha Collins. Everyone else is suspect. Because if 62% of white men voted for Trump, and if you subtract Gay and Trans white men, what percentage of straight white men are left who didn't vote for Trump?
All in all, I do not trust y'all lying asses even a little bit.
Yep. I'm talking to you Jensen

The thing is white American racist people, I get it. It's disturbing that #Oscarssowhite and #Blacklivesmatter is getting so much attention. It's disconcerting when Beyonce brings the 'Black Panthers' to the Superbowl and performs at the CMAs. It's disconcerting that she discovered that she's black..
Black Lives Matter went from a fringe terrorist group to a legitimate mainstream phenomenon. People were actually acknowledging that Police were in the wrong! After 200 years of doing whatever the fuck you wanted! Philando Castile died so #BLM could become legit.
It's all very....frightening to you; I get that.
On top of that Mr. Motherfucking Perfect Obama came to office for eight years, and did an outstanding job. Y'all can't have that! No. Better to destroy the country.

it has began
The thing is though...white people, trying to hold back the march of progress does nothing except get you left behind. You want to maintain the status quo as it was eight years ago or whatever? Try. 
But the genie is out of the box and it won't go back in.
Furthermore, the rest of the world just lost major respect for you, as it has with Britain and France. 
Your president-elect is in bed with Vladimir Putin who is determined to keep up this war in Syria. Do you really think that bombing the fuck out of Mosul is the way to defeat ISIS? Who is really hurt here? Your continued war against the Muslim world means that you're continually unsafe. 
All you hear out of you is bad news; being bombed, mass shootings, death and destruction. 
Trump will continue to fuel that cycle.

Meanwhile, the rest of the world is quietly working away. Importing cars from Japan, importing electronics from China, making trade deals with their neighbors, buying locally manufactured shit...I look around me and I don't see one thing American made. 
The West is being left behind. The people that you reject as 'immigrants' are what make your country great. If you don't appreciate the blessing, it will be taken away from you. Your current economic troubles are not because Mexicans are taking your jobs. It's because you're so used to living on unlimited credit. And then 2008 happened and y'all had to learn to live within your means.
It's hard to do that. We all know that. But you can't bring the pre-economic crisis world back again no matter who is in charge. You can only learn to live in the new world.
Or perish.

Tuesday, 8 November 2016

Can I read you a story?

Are you voting today?
I know people see the choice as bad vs. evil but trust me, you do not want Donald Trump at the helm of your country unless you want to be downgraded to a third world country by the end of his term.
Y'all are going to be chapter elevened by 2020.
Food for thought. 
Now enjoy my videos.


Monday, 7 November 2016

Launch Week Day 5!

Hi! Now that we've had time to buy and read...haven't seen any reviews yet though...maybe y'all should get on that;
Fill in the form below and enter to win.

Saturday, 5 November 2016

Launch Week Continues: Erase and Rewind

Wow it's been three days of my first ever launch week campaign.
Learning curve people, learning curve.
I got this new book out right?
Erase and Rewind?
You mighta heard me talking about it?
Funny thing.
Y'all are acting like I'm promoting Child of Destiny...
Were you guys just WAITING for that price to come down so you could buy it?
Readers are like sooo...unpredictable.
Anyways, here's Erase and Rewind once again. Click on the preview. Read. See if you'll enjoy.

Do you enjoy magic? Stories about magic? Lore? Mythology?
I love it. I love the way different cultural beliefs are similar and different.
There is a lot of lore surrounding twins; what powers they have, what they can do...whether or not theyr'e from the devil...
So Rosemary is a twin.
Her father is also a twin.
Rosemary is the only female in this double twin family.
It puts her in a unique place to break a family curse.
And that's all I'm telling you.
Buy the Book.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Erase and Rewind: Book Launch Day!

It's Launch Day! for Erase and Rewind...your surprise November book.

I like to let the book speak for itself, so click on the preview and...preview it. I'll just...wait here.

Did you like it? Was it good? Alright so what's next?
Click on buy of course. And while you're there you might as well click on Share as well. Best to be thorough.
Now here's where it gets good.
For one thing, there's a prize to be won for just buying the book. And here's how you win it:
1. Have you liked my face book page? If not, do that. Just scroll to the top of this page and find the icon for 'Facebook Page'.
2. Join the launch party event by clicking on 'going' on Facebook or registering on eventbrite below.
3. Shop. You can click on the buy now link above, shop now on Facebook or go to
4. Read the book.
5. Leave a review/fill in the sign up form.
6. Get in the draw to win a prize

In addition to ALL of this awesomeness, all my other books are half price this week. huh? HUH?

In addition to all of this, I have a proposition for you...unfortunately it isn't dirty...
If you're a writer you know how hard it is to get people to review you right?
Well, I have a new system; probably it's an old system but I just thought of it...
You buy the book if you feel it's your cup of tea, you read it, review it and send me the link to your review. When you do that, I send you your money back. Win win.
If it's within this launch week, you also qualify to enter for the prize.
Win win win!
Who's in?