Saturday, 5 November 2016

Launch Week Continues: Erase and Rewind

Wow it's been three days of my first ever launch week campaign.
Learning curve people, learning curve.
I got this new book out right?
Erase and Rewind?
You mighta heard me talking about it?
Funny thing.
Y'all are acting like I'm promoting Child of Destiny...
Were you guys just WAITING for that price to come down so you could buy it?
Readers are like sooo...unpredictable.
Anyways, here's Erase and Rewind once again. Click on the preview. Read. See if you'll enjoy.

Do you enjoy magic? Stories about magic? Lore? Mythology?
I love it. I love the way different cultural beliefs are similar and different.
There is a lot of lore surrounding twins; what powers they have, what they can do...whether or not theyr'e from the devil...
So Rosemary is a twin.
Her father is also a twin.
Rosemary is the only female in this double twin family.
It puts her in a unique place to break a family curse.
And that's all I'm telling you.
Buy the Book.

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