Tuesday, 6 October 2015


So I told y'all about my publishing troubles right? And how my document just refused to convert the 'right' way? I had just about given up, and was beginning to think the universe or destiny just didn't want me to publish Child of Destiny. Heaven knows its one book that has been delayed and delayed and delayed for one reason or another. You ever reached the point where you say...okay; maybe this just wasn't meant to happen?
On the other hand, epic story; I really wanted people to read it! So there I was totally at this impasse. Or Mexican standoff or whatever. But I'd just been to see my son in school and pounded into him the importance of trying; of not giving up. Of setting those goals however impossible looking and trying to achieve them with everything you got. So I decided to take my own advice and try one more time to get this manuscript accepted. Well, I did about the hundreth edit and submitted it and crossed my fingers; not really hoping for a positive result because I didn't wait this time. I downloaded the epub version to see if the indents that were the problem in the last version were still a problem... Not only were they still a problem, they'd spread to other chapters. Like a disease. Like cancer. I threw my hands in the air and officially gave up.

Went back to my ghostwriting (a secret agent story - I have no idea what I'm doing). Then, when I'm on my way home, I get an email from a very nice man over at smashwords saying he's reformatted my document so that it can pass the checks because he's seen that my deadline is near and he promised, cross his heart, that he'd made no other changes. Like serious, random guy just did what I couldn't do for like the last month in a few hours. I uploaded his document and hey presto; I'm in! Yay. I can keep my old deadline and Child of Destiny really is going to be published on my birthday! I can't imagine a better present. The only thing which would make this better if it became a bestseller. Hey, a girl can dream right?

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