Tuesday, 19 July 2016

Big Bang. Evolution. Taylor Swift...

I want to tell you about my ambivalence for Taylor Swift.
It annoys me that I even expend the slightest bit of emotion on that girl but there it is.
You see, the thing with Taytay is...she's like the epitomisation of the Entitled White Girl. It's a species I know well, both because of my upbringing and through encounters on +Twitter.

Growing up in the eighties means that every white or yellow person I ever came across felt that they were better than me. Hell, light skin Africans felt they were better than me. Lucky for me, I understood that intellectually without internalising it. It's only when the Internet came to be that I understood that other black people actually believed this lie. As in Michael Jackson believed it to the extent of developing Body Dismorphic Disorder. Michael was maybe an extreme case but I think it's much more common than that. And many more people would have done what he did to himself if they had the money and the doctor. 
Have you seen +Botched ?

Anyway, my point is, those people who felt superior, they approached me with an attitude which assumed that I would automatically defer to them, because they were/are lighter than me. Unfortunately for them, I'm no respecter of Persons and I genuinely, genuinely DGAF. On top of that, nobody wins arguments with me. No one.
Ask anyone I know. I think it's probably the single most annoying thing about me.
Want to know my secret?
It's very simple; No Bullshit. I just hit you with the facts, and the truths. Most people attempt to prevaricate. You can't fight the truth with bullshit and expect to win.

That's what the Entitled White Girl does.
First of all, she makes a statement of her opinion as if it was a fact.
Once you tear that statement into tinny tiny pieces, she's taken aback; wondering at the temerity of you; so she tries to attack something about you. Your language. Your race. Whatever. 
My language is impeccable and my race is better than all a yours. Very difficult to undercut someone who feels nothing for your insults. Being a secure bitch is...a bitch.

So then they begin to prevaricate.
No, I didn't say that.
Did I say that?
Obviously I didn't mean that.
Have a nice day?
All of which I countermand by sticking to the point. You're supposed to get side tracked. When side tracking doesn't work, the next phase is becoming the victim.
"I can't do this anymore."
"You're a bad person for making me feel bad."
"You insist on misunderstanding me."
I deal with this by sarcastic mocking. Sometimes, they don't even get that they're being mocked. It's kinda fun.
Underneath all these responses is a certain disbelief that you're not rolling over and letting the poor blonde delicate flower win the argument. 
Why are you being so mean?!?
The thing is, I'm not sure if this is something they learn at their mother's knee, in school or are they just born that way? I do enjoy destroying them though. It makes me feel like a superhero. They've gotten away with this shit for waaaayyyy toooo loooonnnnggg.

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