Wednesday, 2 September 2015

Hit Me With Your Best Shot!

Hi. So I'm back! Lots of emotion swirling about looking for an outlet. But I want to make it good. So do me a favour and click on the link below to give me some honest to God feedback. The gods of good stories will reward you.

So I just came back into the city today from performing burial rites for my dad. I didn't realise until yesterday that I had actually bastardised Bukusu traditional rites in my book Child of Destiny. I won't tell you where because that would be spoilery. I didn't even know I knew this stuff so its kind of bemusing.
At the airport in Eldoret, I met these three white American women who sat at the same table as me and my sisters. I asked them where they got their biscuits from as my son was apparently perpetually hungry and they told me. This led to some conversation between us and one of them said to me...
"You speak really good English."

Now normally that shit is patronising but having travelled to India with my dad a few years ago, I do understand that sometimes you can be speaking the same language as someone and not understand a thing they sayin. I remember my dad asking one of the tuk tuk guys in India to 'speak in English' when he actually already was.

So I get it. My accent is similar to your accent so you understand me better. Its more of a sigh of relief than a compliment really. Still, it made me think about how insecure we generally are as human beings because many would have taken it as an insult and been all affronted.
Why are we always so ready to take offense?

Anyway, so apparently in addition to needing you to give me feedback! I also need you to practise some tolerance and cultivate some chill. POST FEEDBACK! CLICK ON THE LINK ABOVE THAT SAYS LAUNCH ME!

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