Thursday, 10 September 2015

Saying No

As a freelance writer of good repute I get a lot of invitations to bid on jobs (not to brag or nothin) and one of the hardest lessons I've had to learn is how to say...'No'. I mean, being a hustler is all about finding those jobs isn't it? It's about rising and grinding and using up all our 24 hours like Rihanna taught us, right?

Well sometimes, even when you know the job is all wrong for you or you just don't have the time to do it; its still hard to turn it down. It's mo money in the kitty and there is always need for mo money right?

I'm learning to take a breath though; learning to leverage things. I'm no expert, don't be fooled. I have faults. I procrastinate waaayyy too much and I have so many 'side projects' including this- blogging. designing stuff; posts and covers and shit. marketing books. responding to emails. Sometimes I think I could really use an assistant. Except I'm a control freak and nobody ever does it the way I need it to be done except me. I got problems. But I'm trying to learn. I discovered pacemaker that helps me keep track of my writing. I say no to invitations which are too much for my plate. I make sure I write something every day even if its just two words (luckily its never just two words). I'm evolving.

Sometimes you just have to really choose your battles and stick with those choices. Its difficult as fuck sometimes but ultimately you're better for it. Speaking of which, allow me to kill two birds with one stone and blog and market simultaneously.

Preorder Child of Destiny. You know you want to. Read the excerpt and see if you don't.

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