Sunday, 15 November 2015

Boom Boom Boom Boom. Bang Bang Bang Bang.

That song has been ringing in my head ever since last week's episode of Empire...
And it was appropriate for the heading of this post.
So a bunch of terrorists claiming to be ISIS shot up Paris day before yesterday. It was very sad. CNN had updates all day yesterday as a result. Twitter started a hashtag #PrayforParis. Art was drawn to commemorate this horrible thing that happened...
I'm not saying its wasn't horrible. Hell I shed some tears for them. Its sad that people have to resort to this kind of mayhem to communicate. Its Piers Morgan who said though that more people were killed by guns in America in that same 48 hour period than were killed in the entire Paris Attack. Furthermore, the same day, Beirut was bombed. Did CNN mention it? I didn't see it squeezed in anywhere in the 24 hour coverage of Paris.
I guess we can't pray for everyone; we need to concentrate on the important ones. The ones that happen in the West right? Because obviously the rest of us third world dunderheads are used to dying anyway, it's normal to be shot up, kidnapped, bombed, our lives are not as important. Don't we get that?
Anyway, that's a story for another day; I'm not one for banging my head on a brick wall.
This post is about asking hard questions and getting difficult answers.
What is ISIS? Does anyone even know?
We are told that they started in Syria, some time after the world abandoned it, the UN council turned their backs on the possibility of rescuing Syrian citizens from being murdered by the state. They said, "It's not our problem."
Well it is now isn't it bitches?
But really how much do we really know about them? Who are they? What is their leadership structure? How do you confirm that every attack that claims to be ISIS is actually ISIS? Is ISIS simply some big fat boogeyman that the West invented to take credit for any attack that happens on Western soil in order to avoid dealing with the fact that shit happens within their borders and it is their fault? What happened to Al Qaeda? How come they don't exist anymore? Is it like a game of tag and ISIS is 'it' now?
How come ISIS takes all recruits? It's more 'disenfranchised of the world' rather than 'radical muslims'. And how does ISIS even find these people to be recruited. Is there an online form you fill and submit and then 'somebody will contact you at your earliest convenience'? Is there a secret facebook group maybe masquerading as 'Harry Potter Fans'? (the movies not the books). How does it come off as this all powerful, super secret thing which recruits from everywhere but nobody actually knows where and despite the NSA and satellites and shit, nobody ever finds out what they're doing...
I'm more inclined to believe that these guys wanted to blow up Paris for their own nefarious reasons and they planned it and did it and then 'ISIS' take the blame/credit probably to propagate hatred of muslims. That seems more logical to me.
Otherwise why does no one come forth with demands? When people commit an act of terror or whatever there is a reason behind it; they want something. But we're never told what these people want. Why they're doing this. And there doesn't seem to ever be an effort to find out. Its just oh, some guys blew us up; war, kill, bomb...make more radicals. Wash, rinse, repeat.

I'm sick of it.
Stop the hate!

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