Friday, 13 November 2015

Thoughts to Ponder

Its not that I haven't had topics I wanted to share with you recently; I've been hampered by two main challenges. My writing plate is so full, I don't have time to write. Like in my day job writing; I've set myself some really narrow deadlines so I can fulfill some commitments that I have. I literally have time for nothing else. Except maybe reading fanfics...more about that later.

So I'm writing a mixed race story for a client and the girl is stressed about a situation she finds herself in. In modern day patois, in a word like stressful, the t is sometimes replaced with a k. I am sitting here wondering if it would be racist to spell the word that way (skressful) because maybe that's how she would think it. Not only is it a spelling boo boo according to microsoft word, but the client might not understand what I'm tryna say. Hashtag my dilemmas.

You might recall that I wrote a post once about escaping real life through stories? Well life has not exactly been easy the last few months so I've been escaping with gusto. Not just to my usual fanfics although considering how many stories I subscribe to its a wonder my inbox is not clogged with updates (seriously though why is my inbox not clogged with updates? Y'all need to update more regularly), but also a real life story of love, life and betrayal.
Do you guys watch Love and Hip Hop Hollywood? Yeah, neither do I. But this couple from the show came on Wendell Williams a few weeks ago. They were so pretty, in sync, like a tag team of really good looking guys. Okay duo of guys. Did I mention they were gay? Black and gay in hip hop. Anywho, like two days after the show, I heard that they broke up. Apparently all that love and togetherness; and happily ever after gay love? Not so much.

What had happened was that one of them found out the other was cheating. Like with four guys and he hadn't been faithful to him a day in their two year relationship. What fascinated me is that the other completely denied it. Even after the first guy produced receipts he was still like "Oh my Gaad, I don't know what I did to deserve this. Woe is me. I came out for you and now you have abandoned me."
The twitter subliminals alone...
Even after it came out that even his coming out was fake because everyone already knew he was gay.
And I'm thinking, why would this guy tell such blatant lies knowing that receipts exist that could expose him for a fraud. He reminded me of that guy in Con Air who was told by the pilot of the plane, "If you kill me, who will fly your plane?" and he said "I don't think that far ahead."
Except unlike Miles Brock he totally does think that far ahead because he could fly the plane. Miles is like 1000 miles up with no parachute. The other guy still loves him though; you can tell by how obsessed they are with each other on social media. Will they work it out? Despite everything I find myself hoping so.

Speaking of things which may or may not work out, pick up TheSwamp. You set the price!

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