Thursday, 14 January 2016

The Lore Says...

I've been AWOL I know (Away without leave for you uneducated ones in the back) and I'm sorry about that. It's just been very distracting of late. However New Year, New Me or whatever (not so much) and I am here to write about...lore.

Now some of you might have deduced for yourselves that +Supernatural  is one of my favourite shows. You might think its because I write quite a bit about the Supernatural myself but that's not it. It's the unconditional love behind it; the willingness to go to the most foolish lengths to keep a loved one from harm.

Its also the intelligence of the story told of course. I love clever people and the writers of supernatural are in a league of their own. Eleven seasons and they keep surprising us! Kudos to them; I wanna be them when I grow up.
Then there's the other show about the supernatural; +TeenWolf. Which is really the spin off that Supernatural keeps searching for. They have much the same lore, and a similarity in the bedrock of the premise of the show; the complete, unconditional platonic love of two dudes for each other and how dying for each other isn't absolutely off the table. Apparently its my favourite trope. (If trope means what I think it means).
I've been feeling the similarities recently a lot because this season of +TeenWolf not only has a hellhound, but it also has skin walkers.

Now I'm not playing favourites but when it comes to giving their supernatural beasts drama and coolness; +Teen Wolf has +Supernatural beat hands down. Deputy Parish catching on fire and being naked and having his muscles all on display all the while having absolutely no awareness in his amber eyes....Crowley's invisible dog can absolutely not compete. and they way those skinwalkers (spoiler alert!) emerged from the earth of what was I guess supposed to be the Nevada desert and eyeballed Kira...faint. Sooo cool.
The intriguing thing about these shows (apart from all the love) is how they take legend, and lore and mythology and interpret it. Some things could be similar, others, totally different. In the wild hunt apparently (and that's another thing - I wouldn't know about such things as the wild hunt if it wasn't for these shows) the hellhound is a protector of the environment; in Supernatural the hellhound is more of a black dog which collects souls that have been sold to the devil. The intersection is the whole 'collecting lost souls' thing but the execution is so different, yet so interesting, absorbing, intriguing...I do believe that every different interpretation expands one's mind and exposes one to a whole new reality you wouldn't otherwise have conceived. That's what makes me a fan.
Speaking of fandom; I feel sometimes surrounded by fourteen year old girls whose only concern is the screentime of their OTP. The most irritating by FAR group is the Destiel fans. I'm reaching out to those people out there who have a more intellectual as well as aesthetic appreciation. Are you there, or is it just me?
Yeah, that's partly what I've been doing with my time....And writing stories for which I have signed NDAs so I can't share with you.
Get my book though, read it, leave a review or drop me a line. I love hearing people's opinions on things.

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