Tuesday, 17 May 2016

Too Much Madness For One Text

I haven't felt much like writing lately. I mean I have; so many things to say - they keep me up at night...for at least an hour. It's just sitting down, opening the browser and writing has just been a HUGE detail. However the stars have aligned today; it's been an excellent day if I do say so myself - if not very productive work-wise...I had a point.
I went to the supermarket today to pick up some food and the guy at the till is just staring at me instead of ringing up my stuff. So I finally look up at him to see what the hold up is and kind of meet his eyes.  And I lift up my eyebrow (yeah I did even manage to lift up just one like all the heroes in my books) and he says, "You're so serious, why aren't you smiling?"

And I swear like every single 'please don't ask me to smile' meme I've ever seen just flipped through my mind. And something of that must have shown on my face because he suddenly became very busy ringing up my groceries. It was epic.
A funny thing happened a few days ago; I was discussing with a friend of mine on facebook, why it is that people follow +Donald Trump in spite of the fact that he's a total waste of space who doesn't even have good hair; like Becky. (I named my puppy Becky btw; coz she white..geddit? *snigger*) And I was telling her how when I was reading this overly simplified story on Archive Of Our Own, I had to ask the author why she wrote like she was writing a story for the mentally challenged. And she told me that one of her writing teachers told her that most 'people' (read Americans) read at fourth grade level and therefore it's advisable to write at that level. Now I don't know how old people are in fourth grade, having gone through 8-4-4 myself; but I know the final grade is 12th so it's way down there. And most people read at that level. 
Mind. Boggled.
Well anyway, my point was that if that's the level 'most people' are at then no wonder they think the Donald is the shit. Well this blonde haired, blue eyed person replies in defence of Donald Trump all the while stating that most Americans are not at fourth grade reading level; but somehow agreeing that his Trumpness' ideas are correct. I debated with myself for like...five minutes whether or not to reply but in the end, I couldn't help it. I gave it to her; both barrels blazing; and told her exactly why she, Donald Trump and anyone who agreed with them were huge blind fools with no brains. It was nice. I just let 'er rip. In the end, she said she didn't want to talk to me anymore and wished me peace and love. It was too easy. I was left dissatisfied. Is there anyone who has oppressive views who doesn't shy away when confronted. Because I'm here. Seriously, let's go.

I watched Captain America today...in fact, I'm actually watching it again right now. If you haven't seen it, do skip this part because there will be spoilers. 

What is it about the friendship between two guys that is so compelling? Sam and Dean, Jared and Jensen, Bucky and Steve...it's like the greatest thing since sliced bread when people would do anything for each other. Why aren't female friendships like that? Why are they laced with bitchiness and/or self-righteousness? Or unnecessarily competitive? Why can't we just love each other the way guys can? Always and forever regardless of whether one of you becomes a cold ruthless assassin who tried to kill the other?

I'm a sucker for such friendship and loyalty; it warms all my soft parts and melts all my hard parts. The thing I find with +Marvel Entertainment is that when they do a fight scene, you can actually follow it. Marvel movies are the only ones where I don't stop watching immediately people start hitting each other.In fact the fight scenes are some of the best choreographed I've ever seen. Also fuunnnyyy! Antman fanboying over Captain America; Spiderman fanboying over Captain America...

It was so perfect. And then there was the Black Panther...an African superhero?!?!? I'm like dead right now. And he was so excellent. Seriously; like EXCELLENT. He's definitely my new fave. And now I get the excitement over +Lupita Nyong'o joining the cast of +Black Panther. It's coz she's a legit African right? Whatever. It should be fun.

In other news that have happened since I was last here; Blacc Chyna announced a pregnancy! To the excitement of thots everywhere who felt like she'd exacted thee most righteous of revenge against the evil that is Kardashians. I couldn't help but feel a little sad. I can't help feeling that she kind of flicking from baby daddy to baby daddy looking for someone to take care of her by having their baby. I'm just wondering; by the time she's done, how many babies is she gonna have? And those babies are humans, not toys. You can't just return them when things don't work out. I hope they do; and I hope this is real. For the sake of the chirren. Still, her and Rob seem to be a solid team at the moment. I hope it continues that way. The saddest of them all is Tokyo Toni though - Chyna's mom. Why she likes to include herself in her daughter's shenanigans is that shit I don't like. Someone has to try and be the adult. And if it's not your mother, then who?

And finally...or whatever, someone finally wrote me a review on +Amazon.com for Child of Destiny. The thing about this review is that it wasn't from one of the half dozen people I have been politely requesting to write me a review in exchange for a free copy I repeat, FREE COPY of my novel. Oh no, it was just a random reader who came back to give me...count 'em...five stars because they enjoyed my book. I haven't really touched the ground since. Yep, that's all it takes to get me high.

I've had people review my books before but Child of Destiny is my baby and this is the first review I've had of it, from a stranger. It validates everything I think about it, that a total stranger who doesn't know me, would give me five stars for my work. Thank you lotty dot. You made my life.

Also I changed the cover.

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