Tuesday, 13 December 2016

Social Media Creativity

So I'm sure you've seen this pic on +Twitter or +Instagram of +Rihanna and #SarahPaulson probably on set for +Oceans 8. And it has just led to an explosion of memes that had me laughing my ass off.
This one was captioned: Don't Touch My Hair featuring Rihanna

I mean...seriously I try sometimes to come up with captions like this but my head just isn't wired that way. It makes me admire people who can do this even more knowing that it's impossible for me. The one line zinger is the new short story. This one wasn't even in my top ten for this particular meme. there was this other one:
That just had me dying
I mean can't you just see it? Some white woman going ahead to touch a black woman's dreads on a train; they probably don't even know each other, just happened to sit together and not only is she TOUCHING HER HAIR, but she's also at the same time spouting her offensive philosophies in the black woman's ear and thinking that they're just having a lovely conversation. 
All of this despite the look on the black woman's face and the fact that she's clearly restraining herself from inflicting physical damage.
It's funny because it happens. It's funny because it's RIHANNA and SARAH PAULSON but it's also #anyblackwoman and #anywhitewoman. It's a classic depiction of the trials and tribulations People of Colour go through on the daily, and it's also suggesting that no one is exempt. But all done with such comedic accuracy and in just one line. It says everything without giving you a long story, or preaching or hating. It's perfect and I'm jealous that I can't do it. 
However this still isn't the best meme.

Cries.In. Solange.
I've been trying to use the phrase 'Get out my Caucasian Mentions' for a while in the correct context and the other day I succeeded and ticked it off my bucket list.
This is my new goal; Find the perfect situation to use 'Cries in Solange' and come up with a caption that captures the emotion, the situation, the context so damn perfectly.
I mean....
Bow down to whomever came up with this phrase.
Bow down.
Today I landed a really lucrative ghostwriting gig and I tried to come up with similar phraseology to depict the state of my pysche. The best I could do is 'Dances in Dollar' which is just lame and unimaginative. Can anyone come up with something better? Hit me up in the comments.

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