Monday, 12 March 2018

God is A Guy

I just read a post on facebook which stated that a woman who sleeps with ten men is a whore while a man who sleeps with ten women is umm...was it a ninja? Or a hero? Something implying the man is super awesome anyway. The reason being that it takes more effort to have sex with ten women than it does to have sex with ten men.
Then I skimmed through the comments and there was a general celebration from the men, stating that this person had grasped the brass ring when it came to logic and correlation.
And that is when I knew that God is indeed a guy. There is no other reason why he would create such creatures unless he was one of them. This failure in the use of logic is the final proof, the nail in the coffin, the pineapple on the pizza.
God is a man guys.
Just to break down this idiocy for the men reading this and wondering what the problem is...
The definition of a whore is a prostitute that is one who solicits sex for money. She's a streetwalker who sells her body. That's what the dictionary says with emphasis on the pronoun, she. Implying that men cannot be prostitutes although life and fanfic very much demonstrates that they can. Now according to Einstein up there, he's come up with this new equation where a whore = skills in attracting a mate. So if you as a guy attracts ten females to yourself, you are highly skilled and therefore NOT a whore, but if a girl attracts ten males to her, this is so much easier than the inverse, that it makes her a whore.
So if it's easy for you to attract a multitude of men, you're a whore. But if you attract a multitude of women well...high five?
I mean...
It's 2018 people.
If male minds are this incapable of evolution, I have to conclude that the flaw in the design was the creator's fault. He made men in his image right? Women were the afterthought, produced from a rib? They probably developed logic because as the afterthought, they weren't embedded with all original features.
It would explain a lot.
Speaking of things not making sense,  the ebook industry is suffering under the monopoly of Amazon while all other ebook sites screw the pooch. I feel like someone should call a summit. Has anyone else noticed this?

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