Tuesday, 13 March 2018

On Research and Writing

You remember the post I did on BDSM? The client came back for a third time asking for more articles. Now the amount of stuff I know about BDSM not gleaned from fanfiction can be written on the back of a postage stamp. Like, I know not a single soul who is in the lifestyle; at least not that they've informed me. In fact, apart from seeing dominatrix(es?) portrayed in movies, I had no concept of what that kink entails.
Now here I am writing how-to manuals for people interested in getting into the lifestyle. And doing such a good job of it, they keep coming back for more articles. It's like, the very definition of irony innit?
So how am I doing so well you might ask? How am I so convincing? It's easy really; research. Lots of it. The FBI agent who monitors my computer must be very confused about my browsing history. Where I started was personal blogs. The focus of the book and articles I wrote was submissives. So I found some blogs on submissives and read their 'dear diary' posts. What they did, what they liked, how they liked it...
Lucky for me, I have a hard-on for knowledge; I love learning new stuff so that process is very enjoyable for me. If you're an aspiring writer and you don't enjoy research you're in for some very bad times my fren. Very very bad. Don't do it unless you're ready to spend hours READING.
After reading the innermost thoughts of submissives, I went to the guru articles. The ones that start with phrases like 'What You Need to Know About...' which give me a lot of background for the how this all comes about.
Other interesting places to look are shopping sites. Yeah, I know. What?
But BDSM wear is very distinctive and sometimes the shoppers give a very comprehensive description of how certain things can be used. Not just whips and chains but also crotchless leather shorts and such. It's very eye-opening.
I belong to this facebook group called Writers Assembled and some writes post things like, 'What's a good disease to give a character so they die slowly?'
Now I love being asked stuff that people don't know but questions like the one above are just lazy. Especially since Google exists. And WebMd. and Mayo Clinic website. If you want to get more technical there's the NHS site. I mean...seriously if you want to give a character a disease, you're gonna need to know more than just the name of the disease.
So on one such post, being totally and completely fed up I wrote, GIYF.
(If you don't know what that means, Google it.)
Of course, Classic White Woman© enters my comments to tell me how she's sure that the poster must have searched google already and not found what she wanted blah blah blah. Well, six days later when I had time I gave her a short tutorial about how anyone who wants to bear the label 'writer' needs to be able to do research. Of course, I got some White Woman Victimhood© in response, about my attitude being bad and we agree on things and she doesn't know why she's being attacked blah blah blah. I could write the post for them at this point, it's pretty standard, script does not vary. White woman tears not included.
I'm not trying to hate on white women by the way. I have good friends who are white women. But there is a cohort that is Super Tiresome and I'm tired.
Speaking of feelings and emotions, I've decided to use my Tumblr for the more personal not really bloggy thoughts that I have. When I started it, I was writing Chrianna fanfic and then Aubrih fanfic. That was before the discovery of AO3. I still cross-post fics on Tumblr but it can get confusing since updates of different fics don't follow each other. I wrote my first piece last week. It got real personal but I am consoled by the fact that nobody reads my Tumblr anyway.
So why write you ask?
Two reasons.
It's how I do self-care. I take thoughts from my head and throw them on paper (paper is a metaphor here for any writing material) and then they're not in my head anymore. I've seen a lot of post on all forms of media of people talking to strangers about their inability to stand their lives because of one thing or another - anxiety, depression, lack of being seen, self-hatred. And my foremost thought right now is that I'm glad I can't relate.
The reasons I can't relate is the second reason I write. If knowing that You Are Not Alone is something that helps someone else,  without them having to go through the process of getting out, because I already did, and they can learn from me...well. Why not?
So I leave it to Fate, God or the Universe. If you need to find it, you will.
Also, I just want to say that it bothers me that Janet Jackson isn't mentioned when people are talking about All Round Entertainers of All Time. Have you seen her Pleasure Principle video where she keeps us watching with no one on the screen but her and a dance studio?
Meanwhile, I want you to know that my books are available in more places than just Amazon in case you're boycotting them over the NRA or the fact that they are dodgy as fuck. Click on any of the links at the top of the page to take you to each book's landing page. Remember that before you buy, you can always download a sample. So download them ALL.
And leave reviews people. Reviews are the lifeblood by which we live.

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