Tuesday, 21 July 2015

A Message From A Fellow Author; Support the Movement

Hello Peeps, me again.
 I have just completed the first draft of The Glass Beacon, a WW2 spy thriller.
 As the ending drew closes and closer, I still had no idea how the story would end.
 I discussed different outcomes with my wife Carole during the closing chapter, but still the devastating ending had not revealed itself.
 Sentence after sentence dropped on the page and now the finale had to be typed.
 So many twists, turns and questions to be answered in this dramatic tale and now the concluding paragraph will let the reader put the book down at last.

It is a gripping spy story, that is true. But it also draws the reader into the lives, hopes and dreams of the main characters. You get to know them, or you think you do. Something happens to them and you see the real person emerge.

 Plans are made and betrayal changes everything. There is revenge and murder, but also love in its different forms.
 Like in real life, tragedy can strike at any moment.

I have done my best to lure the reader to the brink, time and time again. Cruel perhaps, but you deserve it.

 All the best books and films do the same.

The release of the book is drawing ever closer, so watch this space, and please, do tell all your friends.


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