Tuesday, 14 July 2015

International Authors Day

Today is International Authors Day and I'm participating in the blog hop hosted by book r3vi3ws. I love to get lost in the worlds created by books and today I will be appreciating Maria Doria Russell who is one author who created a totally new world in her books Children of God and The Sparrow.
These books follow the journey of Emilio Sandoz who starts out as a Jesuit priest. Now just because he's a Jesuit, I have like a thing about Jesuits these days. If I was a man I'd totally want to be one. They seemed so evolved. Anyway, they discover an inhabitated planet named Alpha Centauri and its all about how God's will works and the myriad of 'coincidences' that bring about an event. Its crazy, its epic, it makes you think in a way that you hope will happen when you pick up a book. It absorbs you in a new alternate universe that you hadn't previously imagined. I highly recommend it and appreciate Maria Doria Russell for penning it.
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