Thursday, 23 July 2015

The Evolution Of A Series

I dreamed a dream one night about a guy and a girl. The guy was white and the girl was black and they absolutely hated each other. There was magic. There was a series of 'coincidences' which snowballed into a series of consequences. Leo, who never expected more from life than to be rich and famous, and Mya, who didn't want anything other than to get out...Well, let's just say that fate had other plans.

What do we think about this cover?
I woke up from my dream and put the story down on paper. Okay not paper; word document. Then I sent it out to everyone I could think of or extract from the Internet. While I was waiting for someone to notice me, I began to write again. What happened after...we'll call it. While I was writing this increasingly complicated book (still writing it) because its not easy to write in an authentic voice of a baby without exploding anyone's mind...I came across two minor characters who seemed like they were asking me to write them into their own story. So I did. And Between Death and Heaven was born. Ironically, since Child of Destiny was in a competition, this story was published first. I call it fate working on its own behalf to tell its story the way it wanted.
Excerpt from Between Death and Heaven
But now, we have all these stories and we need to know how they tie together yeah? Well while Child of Destiny - Marcus Devereux (still writing) did provide a lot of answers, there was still room for one more book squeezed in between Between Death and Heaven and Child of Destiny...The Swamp is Full of Mystery. I must say, how it turned out surprised even me, the conduit for fate to tell the story. I did not know it happened like that. Don't even look at me; I'm as surprised as you. Well anyway, here it is, only 99c or free if you bought Between Death and Heaven. Seriously, Enjoy.

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