Monday, 31 October 2016

Announcing My Book Launch!

I have a present for you; an #newbook is out and will be available from November 3rd everywhere ebooks are sold. 
Even more exciting? It's only 99 cents!

This book is science fiction/fantasy which I'm told is a topic not many African authors tackle. I'm not even going to give my opinion; once the book is available on amazon I'll just post the link to the preview and y'all can judge for yourselves if it's worth buying.
I think it is.

In honor of the launch of Erase and Rewind Creativity Defined will carry out a promotion and here's what's gonna happen.

  • Like my Facebook page
  • Sign up for the launch party event
  • Click on 'shop now' and buy the book.
  • Fill in the form below
  • Or leave a review on Facebook or the book site
  • Get the chance to win the prize (pics in the form below).
  • BONUS: All of my other books will be half price during launch party week!
Now isn't that a great way to begin November?

Here's the form; don't fill it out until AFTER you buy the book.

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