Tuesday, 11 October 2016

Into the Bar

Harpreet's story part deus. Part one can be found here.

Jon stepped out of his bar to find a hot Indian chick dithering outside, lookin like she might be lost or searching for something she couldn't name. He took a step toward her, figuring he could help with that. His eyes traveled up and down her body, taking in her petite little bod; flat ass, long legs, perky small breasts...he could work with that.
"Hey babe, what's poppin?" he said to himself before stepping toward her.

They talked, he offered her a blunt and she took it readily. So maybe the naive look was just that - a look. When he invited her into his bar, she came readily taking a seat on the bar stool he indicated. He lit the homemade cigarette, taking a puff before passing it on to her. She reached out for the spliff, examining it like it was some curious new species she hadn't yet heard about.
"Go on, take a hit", Jon encouraged. His eyes dropped to her bosom again. She would make an excellent honey pot. I mean having that Devereux boy in here now and then had proved pretty profitable. Imagine if he could add this little exotic flower to the repertoire. Jon had dollar signs in his eyes just thinkin' about it. And on top of that, he could maybe hit that. I mean not that he was averse to doing it with the Devereux kid - Fuck knew he was prettier than most girls in this town - but he just didn't swing that way. And as far as he knew, neither did Leo. Harpreet's soft delicate voice cut into his reverie.
"I don't know vhat you mean", she said.
"You don't know what....?" Jon asked totally distracted.
"Vhat do you mean by take a hit. And this is a cigarette? I do not smoke", she had that delicate Indian accent going on and Jon could feel his pants getting tight as she handed the spliff back. So maybe she was as innocent as she looked.

"Oh...well, can I offer you a soda then?" he asked.
"Do you have Fanta?"
"Er...Yeah I think I have a crate somewhere. Gimme a minute to find it." Jon was wondering if he should just roofie her drink and see what happened or let it go. His eyes dropped to her soft brown bosom again.
He reached down, searching for soda. Ain't nobody came to Jon's bar to have a soft drink but sometimes the underage kids wanted to dilute their alcohol...
The door of the bar burst open, "There you are!", a male teenage voice said, "We been lookin' all over for you."
"I am sorry." Harpreet said and Jon could hear her get to her feet. He straightened up to see who had ruined his potential good time and saw the Devereux boy with his friend. The one who was a clear closet case. Mike or something.

Leo was staring at him, eyes narrowed, "Did he give you anything?" he asked Harpreet. Which kind of surprised Jon. It wasn't like he'd ever tried anything with the boy. Jon was kind of hurt at the suspicion he saw in the kid's eyes. That boy was too old for his age. He needed to calm down.
"No. He is just getting me a Fanta", Harpreet replied.

"Never mind that. We'll get you a Fanta from the corner store if you really want one", Leo said hand curled protectively around Harpreet's arm eyes still on Jon.
"Yeah", his friend said, "Let's get outta here."
"Okay", Harpreet replied agreeably, following the two boys out of the bar with a wave and a smile at Jon. Jon waved back, watching her go with regret.
'She coulda been a contendah' he thought with a sigh, 'Oh well.'

This is an outtake of Between Death and Heaven from the Child of Destiny Series.

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