Saturday, 13 January 2018

Being An Asshole is Not a Crime

When was the last time you saw a film with full frontal (not counting porn) where the lady shows her boobs?
Name five films.
Could you? Because I can't think of a single one off the top of my head.
So when I hear stories about women complaining about James Franco giving them the impression that if they took their shirts off there might be a movie role in it for them...
Like, is James Franco supposed to pay for the fact that you're dumb as rocks? Is that how you think people get movie roles? The saddest part was that these were students in his acting academy or whatever Studio Four was. They were there to learn about the world of creating content and acting - I assume - and yes I know what they say about assuming...
If you want something you do the research, you do the work, you learn where auditions are taking place and go for them.
You do not take your shirt off for random actors in the vague hope that they will cast you off your 'phenomenal' (read average) boobs. And then turn around and cry #metoo! when they don't.
Take responsibility for your shit.
A few years ago, James Franco was caught on film trying to coerce a seventeen-year-old to come to his room. He laughed it off. Called it the nature of 'dating'. Everyone else laughed it off with him. But him being a sleazy guy trying to get in women's pants by lying to them...that's bad. Especially when those women were complicit.
I agree with Seal.
Y'all are some bloody awful hypocrites.
Suddenly there is this huge divide; all the women are innocent and all the males are complicit. Everything men do is bad and everything women do is undervalued.
Take this Mark Wahlberg/Michelle Williams debate. Mark got paid an extra 1.5mil to reshoot a movie, Michelle got paid nothing.
Is the fact that Michelle got paid nothing Mark's fault? Did he go to the studio and say, "Pay me but don't pay Michelle?"
No, he did not. He made his money, did his reshoot and went to play golf with Diddy. Michelle told them she'd do the reshoot for free, they could cut her holidays, whatever.
Everyone chose.
So why is Mark being blamed for getting paid? It's not a crime to ask for more money. So he didn't read the room. Or maybe he didn't care about looking like an asshole...who knows? He has how many kids? College is expensive.
I do not blame Mark Wahlberg at all for looking after number one.
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