Friday, 15 April 2016

Why Do You Love Who You Love?

So I'm working; let's be clear about that. But when I'm working at home I like to watch +Supernatural in the background. I don't really have to pay attention since it's the like eight trillionth watch but also sometimes I catch something new I'd missed in all those other watchings. So this time, the thought occurs to me because it's been discussed in the media recently, that what if the final episode of the series consists of Sam and Dean dying and going to like Valhalla or wherever and all the people they helped are waiting in different rooms. Kind of like that cop out ending in the +Stephen King Dark Tower Series which left me SEVERELY disappointed. Only they'd find like, that ghost they helped to move on, and Madison the werewolf, and the chick who probably died of heart disease coz they killed that preacher's reaper? Charlie, Benny (his original soul rather than the vampire one) Kevin, Gadreel, everyone. And then in the top rooms would be Bobby and Mary Winchester and John Winchester and...ugh, Jess. And they're all waiting around a dinner table for Sam and Dean to join them. So then they have their first family dinner in like...ever. Then it ends. That's in like after the twentieth season mind.

Well anyway I was watching the Madison episode and wondering if +Jared Padalecki has a type...Like brown hair, strong personality and if he was attracted to Madison irl. So I decided to google Sandy McCoy who Jared was engaged to before his marriage to +Genevieve Cortese. And she's like Gen Cort 1.0. Right up to the same height, the same hairstyle, the same age. Jared said in one of his recent cons that he knew she was the one on the first date. Which begs the question; why? Is it because she fulfilled his physical criteria and also whatever gaps in synchronicity Sandy didn't fill? Or did Jared just have a type from way back? (we can't really say from just two women. We'd need at least four to do an accurate correlation. 
Can you even tell who is who?
It's just so interesting. Raises so many questions about the idea of 'The One' and how we fall in love. 
Take Ashton Kutcher for another example. He was in That Seventies Show with Mila, where allegedly there was kissing. He meets Demi, marries Demi, divorces Demi. Suddenly Mila is the love of his life. Does it have anything to do with her being very close to being Demi 2.0 in terms of looks at least? (I don't know their personalities enough to say). Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Was it meeting Mila that got him into the slim chick with defined jaw and long brown/black hair school of women or was it falling in love with Demi yet wanting to have a family that led him back to look for Demi 2.0 who was younger, fertile and someone he already knew?

Wow, this theory really takes the romance out of life don't it?
You know who else has a Demi 2.0? +Bruce Willis. The girl needs to teach a masterclass together with +Rihanna and +Erykah Badu .
+Katy Perry's men, all dark haired, troubled (okay I don't know if +Orlando Bloom  is troubled but I'd bet he has some issues), unhappy blokes. Wait, she said she was through trying to save people so maybe Orlando doesn't need saving but he fits the correct physical description?
Eonline coincidentally wrote an article about how we're all just attracted to ourselves according to 'science'. If that's so, what about mixed race couples? Are Mya and Leo not in fact, destined then?
What do you think?

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