Tuesday, 5 April 2016


Sigh....trying to get my kid to read a book is like...pulling teeth in like 1786 when Claire Fraser was trying to do it in a newspaper shop (spoiler alert! for Echo in the Bone). I tried to download comics to his kindle and he's still looking at me like I'm trying to steal his childhood. (He's sixteen...note). He hasn't even read my books in full. And when I was writing Between Death and Heaven he helped me out with a few plot bunnies...

Anywho...I digress. Today I wanna speak on marriage. That said; I hear that the epic battle between #WhiteChyna +Kylie Jenner and +Blacc Chyna has been summarily won by the latter and she's about to become something Kylie will never be....A Kardashian. Congrats to her and +Robert Kardashian. Hopefully it lasts. 
Strippers out here winning
Speaking of people 'undeserving' to be wed, our very own Bob Collymore CEO of +Safaricom who practically run Kenya got married again...Now I'm not sure what the problem with his bride is, but people are apparently upset. I've seen posts referencing her tribe (Kikuyu) or the fact that she's a divorcee with two kids. Not sure which is worse in the eyes of detractors but people are very upset. It always bemuses me when people are upset about other people's shit like they're at all relevant to what these other people do or do not do. Like bitch, why you care so much? How is it any of your business who Bob Collymore marries? How does it change the price of sugar in +Nakumatt Supermarket? I mean seriously, thee level of idleness is mind boggling.
She pretty, he did good for himself. Keep it moving. Nothing to see here.
Speaking of mind boggling, I'm in a matatu this morning with the seed when this girl child calls the radio station playing to say that her hubby told her to get pregnant so she did, now he says he doesn't want the baby so she wants to get an abortion and she wants the listeners to help her.

Which reminded me of another caller I heard probably on the same radio station calling in to ask for help because she got a D plain in fourth form, repeated the class and got D- and now her dad isn't getting her a college or anything so she wants to get married.
Man I am telling you there are people out there masquerading as adults but they're really plant life and should not be allowed to make their own decisions let alone be in charge of other human beings. That poor child who was conceived on some man's whim...and now he or she is to be killed because the man changed his mind. I don't know whether to be glad or relieved for it. Who needs those people as parents? On the other hand, dead.

 Fuck, I'm looking at my child right now and imagining if by some cruel twist of fate, he was that child whose life has been left to the vagaries of fate because the owner of the womb he is currently occupying is more concerned with doing what some man wants rather than cognizant of the responsibility she holds. 
I can hardly bear to think about it. 
Anyway, here's an excerpt from a book with very grown up seventeen year olds who make good decisions...eventually.

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