Thursday, 11 February 2016

Gratitude Post

So I transferred my books to a new publisher and they are doing like a thousand times better than they were before. I am very stoked. I think back to when I was signed to a traditional publisher, and the fact that however few or many books they sold, they never paid me a cent. And now here I am, a year later, having done soo much better on my own. Does it make me regret that year and a half that the publisher had my book?

No, it does not. Why not you ask? Because I consider it as the price I paid for knowledge and experience. I know better now; I wouldn't have if I hadn't gone through what I did. So yeah; sold some books, and I'm feeling grateful.

I want to thank everyone who reads these rambling posts of mine, who clicks on the links, who reads the previews, who +'d them or reblogged or commented. I am grateful for the attention. If you went ahead and actually bought a book and read it, honestly THANK YOU! Do come back and talk to me, tell me what you thought.
Otherwise, really, have a nice day, month and year; if you believe in God, may he bless you. The force be with you if you don't...

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