Wednesday, 17 February 2016

Truth in Advertising; People in Glass Houses

Like any creative, I crave acknowledgement of my work. Acknowledgement that says to me, "Kudos, you did good kid."
I think we all want that. I know this from how my son brings every little thing he does to me with a "Mom look what I accomplished." And then he looks so pleased when I say, "Good boy."
It's amusing sometimes. Other times it makes my heart melt into a little puddle on the floor.
Best job ever.

Anywho, back to awards. I've been thinking about those; what they mean, how much the recipients are deserving of them...Because when you get that accolade, you want it to be deserved right? you want it to be your just reward.
That's why its so disillusioning when you realise it's all political. That there is always an agenda behind it. We are all in France in 186-whatever and these prize givers are Marie Antoinette and her hoard of royals. It's cheap entertainment to prevent us from realising we're all starving and they're all out of touch and are wondering why we don't all eat cake.

It's not just the +GRAMMYs or the +Oscars even the +Nobel Prize has it's own agenda. That's why +Nelson Mandela  had to share his Nobel with +Jacobus Fredrick De Klerk. He went to jail for twenty seven years to pay for his people's freedom...and de Klerk let him out. But somehow, that sacrifice was considered to be equal in the eyes of the Nobel committee. Our very own +Wangari Maathai  was the first African woman to receive the prize. But why did she receive it? Not to take away from the importance of her work; but if we are talking women who have impacted Africa and/or the world in positive ways...well I'm sorry I wouldn't have chosen the woman who planted trees. Trees are important. The environment is crucial to our health and happiness. But still I wonder; was that the reason she won? What was the end game? For sure there was an end game. +Barack Obama also received a Nobel Prize. Why? For being the first black president of the United States? I feel like that's a flimsy reason. This is a PEACE PRIZE no? Pope Francis doesn't have one does he? Because if there is anyone who embodies the idea of keeping the peace and getting along...

It's not just about prizes and who gets them and who doesn't. It's mostly about how people see other people and measure their worth and how people react to that. +BeyoncĂ©  was called 'racist' for her #Formation video. Why? I don't know. Perhaps it's racist for black people to want equality. To want to be treated like human beings? I mean who does that? King +Kendrick Lamar succeeded her as most racist black person after his Grammys performance.

Gaaawwdd forbid anyone shine a light on what's going on right in front of your faces.
Then that Tomi person who decided to accuse +JAY Z of being a drug dealer because wow, white girls like Beyonce and there she was being all black and shit. Then she called the +Black Panthers  terrorists thereby giving us a glimpse behind the iron curtain of white supremacist bullshit. The funny thing about that word.
Nelson Mandela and the ANC were terrorists at some point.
So was Jomo Kenyatta and the Mau Mau.
The Black Panthers were born in a time of segregation.
Terrorists to some. Freedom fighters to others. It depends on whose writing the history.

It makes me wonder about Al Shabab and ISIS or ISIL or whatever. In someone's perspective, they are freedom fighters I guess. When I think about how they came about; from abandoned people, left to fend themselves in war zones. Terrorised by those in power. Perhaps they simply became their enemies.
Maybe if we were better at seeing both sides and having actual conversations instead of trying to be right all the time...
So, I'm gonna try and see why +Taylor Swift deserves album of the year with that bullshit album about how Katy Perry stole her back up dancers...okay, I can't do it. It's the politics. They gave the award to the whitest white girl in the building to counteract 'black creep' that's permeating every aspect of the entertainment industry. You can tell that they are because of how increasingly boring award shows not attended by black entertainers are. I read this article in +Rolling Stone or somewhere about how it's always a surprise when the right person wins an award. The worst part is that nobody cares.
So now that I've made everyone mad, here's a book. Buy it.

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