Thursday, 4 February 2016

When Truth and Reality Clash; What is a Girl to Do?

So remember all that twitter drams from last week? Well, Petty Wap Wednesday pretty much continued to this week. I thought I should really do a follow up article about it for those non-twitter savvy associates of mine who rely on me to know what’s happening in the world. But then I figured that E!News had it covered. Today I wanna talk about something adjacent but at a tangent to that and that is Reality vs. Truth.

So Amber and Kim made up or took a selfie with each other I should say. The rest is simply conjecture after all and attributed to some ‘source close to’ which could mean Amber called E! or they made it up. Anyway, they took a selfie after last week’s beef. And everyone had an opinion. Personally I just assumed that Kim felt bad about Kanye mentioning the children especially after Amber talked about it on the radio; maybe she saw that Kanye really felt bad but he didn’t want to reach out to Amber because History. So she did it instead like the good wife she is. Or else she felt like Amber could spill worse tea than that and her body wasn’t ready for that so she nipped it in the bud. Or…Mama Jenner said lemons into lemonade me girl. This is ratings gold. Get her in here and let’s film this for season 12. All of which made sense to me together or separately. In any case whatever was happening was no skin off my nose.

Then I’m going through Instagram and there is just this anger over the pic like +Amber Rose  and +Kim Kardashian  have betrayed someone by taking a pic together. People called it attention seeking behavior, oh, Kanye cut a check, oh oh oh…it was even funnier than the whole saga. People take this shit so personally its not even funny. I’m all for escaping reality but we must all remember that these are real people; this isn’t Real Person Fanfic. You can’t dictate their actions; you can only watch and eatcho popcorn.

Speaking of reality TV, my hero +Milan christopher  announced this week that he might be bisexual and might find love in the arms of a female after all. Huh? I mean, we were right there with you when you were calling Miles a fraud for pretending to be bisexual for TV and now you’re doing the same thing? I mean I’m all for finding love wherever you can as long as only consenting adults are involved; but seriously? From one week to the next you go from flag bearer of the rainbow flag to maybe I my love is a woman? I’m so conflicted. My mind says bullshit even as my heart wants this to be a genuine quest to find love. Oh well, time will tell; or at least season finale of season 3 of +LHHH  will tell.
Speaking of genuine quests for love and escaping reality, I was woken this morning by an IM from my self confessed number one fan. She’d just finished Child of Destiny and wanted to gush at length about it. Now just like any creative, I am a sucker for gushing at length so I woke with a huge smile on my face. Not just because she said it was a great book, but because she got it. She got the reason why there were as many love scenes as they were (or is that sex scenes? Porn?) because they added that necessary element to the story (I TOLD YOU GOD DAMNED EDITOR – I! TOLD! YOU!).

Anyone who’s had to deal with an editor that wants to chop out all the good parts can relate. I loved that she went from judging Leo to wanting a man just like him, I like that she got all the little things. It made my heart warm with mush and happiness and validation. I knew these characters were something special. And now someone else has said the words to me, I know its not all in my head.
So anyway, anyone else having a good day?