Friday, 19 February 2016

Krays vs. Winchesters

I'm realising I have a 'brothers who are inappropriately close' kink. If I was to psychoanalyse the whys and wherefores it might get sad and maudlin and I'd really rather concentrate on how happy it makes me when brothers just go out of their way to stay close. I watched +Legends  for the second time when my kid came home for half term. The first time I was too busy collapsing with impressment on just how phenomenal Tom Hardy was in that movie. The second time though, I got the subtleties better. The homoerotic, psychological and physical co-dependence they displayed reminded me of another couple of brothers on TV I fell in love with.
Sam and Dean Winchester

The +winchesters .
Then I just read that Ronnie Kray wrote a book in which he stated that since his brother was a homosexual and he was bisexual but they lived in the sixties and didn't want anyone to find know how homophobic gangsters are; anyway, so in the early days, they only had sex with each other. real life.
Ronnie and Reggie Kray

I mean I enjoy a good +Wincest story as much as the next fangirl but there's always the assumption that it's just a story. This isn't a story. Okay it is; the movie didn't exactly imply the whole homoerotic co-dependency but it's like the +Krays could really be the inspiration for the +Winchesters. But instead of a life of crime, the Winchesters chose to hunt +Supernatural creatures.
Tom Hardy and Tom Hardy as the Kray Twins

Much as its kind of eww to think about, it is also a fact that people are attracted to their relatives that's why you find that people have a 'type'. If I may use one example that everyone can check; if you put +Rorrey Fenty   next to +Chris Brown or even +Drake you're going to see a resemblance. Maybe it's the familiarity. I don't know. I haven't done the studies; maybe I will when I have a minute.
Of course it doesn't explain my intense attraction for +Jensen Ackles or +Tom Hardy but maybe it's not about what colour you are; or maybe they are just too insanely handsome to be resisted. Personally I think that it's a sapiosexual attraction. it's not just the handsome faces; its the talent, it's the way that they impress me with their work. Their wit, Tom's hands and mouth, Jensen's eyes, his bow legs, his badassery; both their can go on commercial break while I gush this could take a while.

I wrote about incest in The Swamp. It wasn't by design though; I was just as surprised as anyone to find that those two were having sex. Sometimes a story leads you down a path you didn't expect and you're like, 'Oh, is that what happened? Makes sense...'
It's free right now so cop it while you can. It may not be free forever.


wambara wham said...

I loved the Krays story. I watched The Rise of the Krays and the Fall of the Krays. Haven't gotten to watching Legends. I always assumed it a summary of those two movies

Annemarie Musawale said...

I haven't seen either of those movies but I doubt it is a summary. I would recommend watching legends just because the acting is brilliant.