Friday, 20 January 2017

Excerpt, Child of Destiny

Child of Destiny is the third book in the Child of Destiny Series.

It follows the story of Leo and Mya and their overly complicated lives. It follows the Swamp is Full of Mystery which is available #free on this site when you sign up for updates.
Here is an preview.

I also wrote an outtake of it, from a prompt. Find it below.

The Day of the Dead

The skies were appropriately filled with dark clouds threatening rain.
Appropriate for Toussaint’s that is...
Or maybe not.
On the one hand, rain was a symbol of blessing from the spirits, so that was a good thing.
On the other, this was a day of celebration; a day of remembrance. A day to sing, dance, and rejoice in the lives gone before.
It wasn’t meant to be gloomy and dark.
The Day of the Dead wasn’t about sadness and depression. The sun should be shining in the New Orleans sky. The shadows should recede and let the light be.
Man proposes god disposes they said.
That was the way of Gaia and who was Mya to say She was wrong?
Mya decided to make up for the weather by wearing the brightest colors in her closet. Her eyes scanned the meager offerings, falling at last on a slate grey dress…the color of his eyes.
She dismissed the thought as fast as it flashed across her mind, reaching for the dress and measuring it against her frame.
It was one of her late mother’s.
Left for so long packed away; and recently revealed to her by her grandmother. It suited her. She could see that.
What was with the universe and this color today though?
Being a witch, she wasn’t one to ignore the signs. So she put the dress on the bed before stripping and heading for the shower. Her grandma would be by for her soon; and then they would go and remember Grandpa George and her parents.
This was a special year; a decade since Grandpa George died; a significant anniversary. The anniversary at which the ghost of the deceased was expected to appear.
With prophecy.
Because Grandpa had been a powerful witch from a long line of witches and his wife, as well… his ceremony was highly anticipated and witches had come from far and wide to participate.
Mya was just a fledgling, nothing more than her presence was expected.
For her, this anniversary wasn’t about pomp and ceremony. It was about a man that she had loved, who had loved her. Whom she could confide in and who saw her.
If he came back as nothing but a silver wraith - a caricature of who her grandfather was - she didn’t know how she would take it.
But if he came back live and in Technicolor…she just might die.
Perhaps that was why it was such a grey day.

It reflected her mood perfectly. 

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