Thursday, 19 January 2017

Stepping Back from the Rat Race

Good morning.
It's noon, and I just woke up.
Yeah I see you judging me; but you haven't asked what time I went to sleep.

So I finished my last contract a few days ago and I find myself in the unfamiliar position of having no work to do. Usually when my work diary is empty, I get jittery. I get anxious. I worry that I'll never get another gig; my fifteen minutes are over, me and my son'll end up on the street begging for scraps. 
I'm very dramatic.
But this time I was just calm.
For one thing I was exhausted AF. 
I had three stories running back to back the whole of Christmas season, plus my son finally deigned to stay home with was intense. 
So I did something different for the last week or so and just took the time off. 
I slept.
I ate.
I watched TV.
I didn't worry...
Good times.

I didn't know I needed time off until I took it.
I didn't know I was burning out until I had a few days to sleep, rest and suddenly I have new ideas churning in my head.
This one night I went to sleep at 6:30am and woke up at 8:30am because I couldn't get this idea for a graphic novel out of my head and I wanted to get online and find out exactly how to go about doing that.
I'm excited again.
I have new ideas.
I've actually started writing Cinderella By Any Other Name again. At this juncture, it just might be a 50k novel.
It's crazy.
It's like I was walking around without my glasses and then put them on and suddenly everything is in sharp focus.
Oh and of course I drank a lot of caffeine beverages.
Why should you even you care about my non-existential crisis you ask?
You shouldn't.
You should care about yours.
If any of this sounds familiar then maybe you also need to take a time out and remember who you are and what you're doing all this for.
Another great thing that happened this week is that I have an author page.

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