Monday, 9 January 2017

Reviewing the Week

So I woke up this morning to +Meryl Streep and her +Golden Globes Awards speech.
I legit cried.
I don't even know why I cried. Was it Kerry Washington's face as she listened? Was it the fact that Dev Patel was born in Kenya? Was it all the acceptance of everyone that one hears so rarely in her speech? Maybe it was the words; maybe she just said all the right words in the right order and it just reached into my heart and tore it out.
You judge for yourself.
Of course there were those who tried to bring their negativity with the classic "33k emails deleted!" and "Hollywood liberals!". Some of these people saying these things are said to be 'celebrities' but I don't know them *Mariah Carey voice*. I think the best thing to do with such negativity is to bury it in a slew of positivity so that they don't see the light of day.
Meryl's speech was such a breath of fresh air after a beginning of 2017 filled with lots of stupidity.
Let's see, first of all there was +Drake Aubrey Graham and +Jennifer Lopez with their Instagram-and-paparazzi relationship that they're flaunting...
I don't know what they're hoping to achieve with that but you know, good luck or whatever.
And then we have the epically idiotic battle between +Chris Brown and +Soulja Boy about....ummm. I don't actually know.
Soulja Boy has been a long time Chris Brown fan. Always wanted to be like him and shit...It was cute in a very creepy kind of way. So some time recently he tweeted that Chris wanted to beat him up for liking a Karate Kid pic on +Instagram. Of course, Chris, KNOWING it was stupid AF still responded with more vitriol and nonsense.
Bish Bam Boom, they're fighting each other. So Mr. Messy and Interfering +50 Cent saw an opportunity to make money and decided to host a boxing match the red corner...
Bhris Brown
And in the blue corner!
Soulja Boy
It's so asinine that I've been trying to ignore it. But then they dared to bring my queen into it. Apparently Karate Kid wasn't enough, they had to bring her name into the mix; probably so that more outlets would report it.
If you want to generate any kind of publicity for yourself what do you do. 
Say her name.
It's sooo. freaking. annoying. Bringing up something that happened in 2009 because it's the only way that people will watch you? Perpetuating lies about her which are so easily verifiable as untrue. I almost signed up for that fight to beat them both up. Even with Floyd Mayweather and Mike Tyson as trainers I feel confident I could take them.

Anyway, never mind me and my hero worship.
Have you read Erase and Rewind yet?
Here's a preview.

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