Sunday, 22 January 2017


Did you march?
I didn't but I did in spirit. Used up all my data following the march online and retweeting everything. There was actually a march here but I didn't know about it. If I did I would have dragged my sorry ass out the house to go join.
Why do I care about the orange Mussolini being president you ask?

He wasn't even serious about running! He has no plan, no policy, nothing! I mean doesn't that just offend you? That he won against someone who has been preparing for this since she was like, three...and he walks in and say, "Oh just a great...a great plan."
And he wins?
Doesn't it just offend your sensibilities? Your sense of right and wrong?
But that's not why I would have marched. I march because I care.

I care about the possibility of a Muslim registry.
I care about neonazis strutting about acting like they inherited the kingdom. Did you see that guy on Instagram? Some yahoo who is a TV personality apparently talking about how Washington 2.0 has the nuclear codes now and they're turning the clocks back to 1776...
I mean...
Don't get me wrong. I wasn't worried or scared.

I was more sad for his sorry ass. You could see in his eyes what an insecure little man he was and now he thinks he has a little bit of power. He thinks he's an overseer now and all the colored folks are just going to go quietly back to the plantations and allow him to whip them.
The delusion.
He must have not heard what happened to Richard Spencer.
Did you hear what happened to Richard Spencer, poster boy of white supremacists and neo nazis everywhere?
Well he was explaining to some camera guy about how he's really not a white supremacist or neonazi when some guy just came out of nowhere and socked him.
It was kind of beautiful. (we don't condone violence kids!)

The huge thing about these marches is the refusal of people around the world to just sit back and allow the rights of others to be trampled.
There's another aspect of this that came up on my twitter timeline. Black women giving white women the EXTREME side eye because let's face it, A LOT of white women voted for the Nacho Nazi. A majority in fact. So the question arose; where are all these people coming from? Where were they on voting day? Surely if they were all there, there's no way Cheeto Satan could have won.
Now you have solidarity?
The trust is definitely broken.
But today is a day of new beginnings. Mistakes of the past shall be left there. What matters is what happens going forward.
We can't let Squirrelwig McRacistPants and his ilk win. We can't continue to be asleep. All pettiness must be stowed away until the Fanta Fascist threat to all humans has been dealt with.

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