Sunday, 1 January 2017

#Positivity 2017

So Happy New Year!
I bet you think I'm gonna let you know my new year's resolutions now?
I don't do New Year's Resolutions because really...
My son and I did resolve to leave some things in 2016; Angst, Fear, Failure...And he made a special request that I consider getting a man. Apparently he worries for me here all on my lonesome while he goes out into the world and everyone loves him and shit. It's cute.
And I did promise to consider it.
But y'all know how tiresome you are right?
I won't tell you my resolutions but I will tell you some of my goals for 2017 so that you can keep me accountable...and help me achieve them.

  1. Finally sell 1000 copies of my books.
  2. Get 100 reviews for my books.
  3. Finally finish writing Marcus Devereux and Cinderella by Any Other Name. They're both epic stories but I can't seem to find time to write. I will find time in 2017. I will. Ask me about them.
  4. I'm going to socialise more this year. Stop being such a hermit who does nothing but write 24/7. I'm going to have a healthy schedule where there's time to work out, time to visit with people, time to entertain more, time to cook, time to tidy my room...
  5. Oh and I might take my son's advice and try not to have impossible standards for men. I might. I don't know how to do that and I don't like to read self-help books. But I will try.
  6. Write more stories. And on that note...
You remember that I was fleshing out minor characters from my books? Today we're gonna do Roy! Remember Roy? He's in The Swamp is Full of Mystery which is available here for free, when you sign up.
Please note that the Child of Destiny series is set in the very early nineties and late eighties so...

Roy was high.
He was sitting under the bleachers, missing AP Calculus so he could smoke weed with Alison Carrigan. She was hotter n' Pam Anderson except with bigger boobs. 
He was lying on the ground as she sat next to him so he had a good excuse to look up at her. And who could tell if he was looking at her face or her bosom? Nobody that was who.
It was the perfect position.
"Hey. You wanna lick me?" she asked, eyes on the rafters beneath the bleachers.
"" Roy asked lifting his head like a dog scenting a bone.
"Yeah, you know, between my legs."
"Er.." Roy's mind was exploding, "Now?"
"Yeah now. You want to or not?"
"Yeah I want to." he said sitting up.
Roy was a virgin. 
He lived with his overprotective mother on the outskirts of town and his people skills were less than perfect. Talking to girls was something he was still working up to. His neighbor, Jack Morales had given him some weed in exchange for a hock of pork. He hadn't known what to do with it so he stashed it in his school locker away from his mother's keenly prying eyes; smoking a bit at a time on his solitary walk home. 
Sometimes he passed the little black girl walking home from elementary school as well. He didn't speak to her and she ignored him. Just two loners passing in the night - or rather in the late afternoon.
He'd overheard Alison and her friends talking about wanting to try some weed. It was like a sign from God; he had something the hot girls wanted!
He waited for Alison to come out of the toilets at the end of the last period and extended his offering like an acolyte to his god. 
Her asking him to smoke it with her under the bleachers had been unexpected. 
But not unwelcome.
And now she wanted him to lick her pussy?!? Was he ready for this? What if he failed miserably? Was this really happening?!?

Alison hiked her skirt up and spread her legs, lying back to give him ample room to work.
It was the first real life vagina he'd ever seen.
"Well come on then!" she said wiggling her legs to get him moving.
He leaned in slowly, tongue stuck out of his mouth as he moved closer and closer.
"Don't tease", she moaned, wiggling her ass on the ground. Roy felt like he might come at any second just from the sight.
"Please" he murmured for no reason before his tongue made contract with the soft pliant flesh of her...Roy felt like his mind had completely blanked. His was assailed by sight and scent, taste and sound. He licked a stripe from bottom to top, taking his time; noting the ridges and valleys, tasting her juices, noting the sounds of pleasure she made as he licked and sucked.

She began to moan really loudly, murmuring nonsense words. He didn't know if it was the weed or the cunnilingus making her incoherent but either way, he would take it.
"Fuck me please. Fuck me", she groaned.
'Just. like. that.' Roy thought with a sense of triumph.
"Okay Alison. Okay", he said fumbling with his belt.

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