Friday, 24 June 2016

BroadMindedNess Isn't Just For Hippies

Earlier today when we went to get food, we came back on this matatu blasting...a sermon. Now I was pissed because we're not all Christians so why should we all be forced to listen to a sermon just because we wanna get home? It's the same as when people put on 'vernacular' (Kikuyu) stations...just ugh. the pastor was going on about "If you have prayed for a marriage, do you also long for the spirit? If you have asked for money, have you also asked for God to do something or other? or some shit like that. Apparently you can't have one without the other.
Always with the quid pro quos.

p.s. How come pastors only talk about people praying for money and/or marriage? Do people not want anything else?
Y'all some unimaginative fuckers.
Here's something imaginative for you.
Pronoun has book pages for all my books. It's very exciting.

Speaking of inappropriate (was I?) my son and I had the most bizarre conversations of our career yesterday. Regarding hand jobs...
Yep. I did not misspell that.
See he was telling me about some guy in his school acting like a twink and so the other guys asked him if he was gay. And he said, "Ain't no pleasure a girl can give you that a guy can't."
So anyway, apparently this statement made my son real mad because...reasons.
And I'm like, "From a purely practical standpoint he's probably right about that. I mean if we're gonna get crude about it, guys probably know more about giving hand jobs than girls do."
At that point I was fired from parenthood so...
I think it's because I'm practically a shut in? My filter is broken.
Enjoy the books!

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