Wednesday, 8 June 2016

There Are Various Ways To Be Sick

I feel like somebody gave me a severe beating. My neck muscles hurt, my arms hurt, my back hurts and my ribs hurt. My non-six pack feels...uncompromising. You'll never guess what brought me to this low.
See day before yesterday I got some craving for some iron in my system so I went out and bought some liver, fried it up and ate it with some Ugali and Sukuma Wiki. Sounds delish huh? I thought so. Ate too much. I know I did. I was still hangover cooking for two from my son being home on Sunday. Anyway...

So I continue with my work, watching CNN which has somehow become the default channel in my house; when I start to feel nauseous. Now my usual M.O for dealing with sickness is to ignore it and hope that by doing so, I can trick it into going away. Don't look at me like that. Sometimes it works.
This time though, it didn't. When I started throwing up, I didn't stop until morning. It was just on and on and on until there was nothing left to throw up but bile. I experienced mass reflex. Liver is banned from my menu forever.

When I woke up next morning I didn't eat, didn't drink, didn't do shit but lie in my bed all day to make sure that shit was gone.I hate vomiting. I loathe nausea. It's one of them main reasons I want to punch people in the throat when they tell me to have another child. You have another child. I have a puppy. A puppy doesn't make you throw up for nine months, or keep you up for the next two years all night breastfeeding, or bite your breasts, or cry, or talk. Basically all you have to do with a puppy is feed it once a day and wash it fortnightly. There. is. no. contest. Puppy wins by a landslide. Love you Chris.

Speaking of things that are nauseous, how about that +Donald Trump guy huh? Hail Hydra! Some vapid blonde was trying to argue his case with me on +Facebook. Here's a tip for free, if you have to twist what a guy is doing to make it seem palatable to normal people, you're the one with the huge problem. Still, the man has no shortage of supporters. +Piers Morgan for one. God it hurts to even say his name. He's such a fool. Like seriously, all the lights are off. How dare he put +Muhammad Ali  and Donald Trump in the same sentence? How dare he compare them? Seriously? Muhammad Ali said more inflammatory things? Yeah he did; he lived in the sixties. When segregation was still a thing. He was trying to set his people free. How dare anyone compare that to the hate Donald Trump spews? To his racism? God, it makes me so mad; I could punch him. That man is such an attention whore that it really doesn't matter what kind of attention he gets. He'll eat it up. That's why the only way to deal with him is to turn your back on his stupid, retarded ass and ignore him. That's what I'm gonna do. My blood pressure demands it.

Oh yeah, Muhammad Ali died. I'm happy for him because I do believe that he went to a better place. A place where his voice is loud again and he can trash talk everyone, come up with new rhymes and just all round continue to slay. I'm sure seventy two virgins are waiting and the original Mohamed will be on hand to give him a high five for a job well done.
It's also +Prince Rogers Nelson's birthday this week. Happy 58th birthday to you! Did you see that +Madonna . tribute? I mean...

So I went to the pharmacy today to get some pain killers for my muscles so I can at least function halfway to normal. The guy gave me a pack of ten. I asked if I need all of them. He said yes. I'm a pharm tech. I know that unless one has chronic pain one does not need to take ten tablets of a pain killer for temporary muscle pain. I will be better tomorrow, with or without painkillers. But these days it's all about the money money money and how much you can sell to people and next thing you know; Prince is dead.
People, take some time, educate yourself about everything that goes in your body. Or do like the townspeople of Le Marais do and let Mya's grandma help you out.

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