Monday, 13 June 2016

Musings From An African Citizen of the World

Just watched the Work video and marveling how that song is just not dying. I'm so proud of my girl +Rihanna . Anti is slaying, as it should. All hail the queen.
Detailed analysis of why #Anti is the music you didn't know you needed in your life is fodder for it's own post. This one is a bit darker and probably a whole lot more depressing. Do you read Katie Hopkins? She writes for the daily mail. I don't. But my sister tagged me in an article she wrote about Harambe (correct spelling: Harambee) and how his gorilla DNA was much more helpful to the world than the child's undoubtedly tainted one. Now we were all sitting on our high horses judging his mother at the time for letting the kid escape so I didn't really think anything of it. Then I read the article that you can see by clicking on her name and I realised that she was just another bigot. 
According to Katie, this isn't at all true. She teaches her kids that we are in fact, not equal.
The thing is I get prejudice. I get feeling superior to others. I do it all the time....
I do in fact think I'm better than you.

(Is there intelligent life on earth?Yes but I'm only visiting)

 Not just me as a person, but Africans as a whole. I feel like we're stronger, more resilient, beautiful with or without make up and right into old age. No need for face lifts, nose jobs, or lipstick to feel fierce. We woke up like this. We're slaying. We're intelligent. We're taking over the world one person at a time. We're super confident, we have good hair, we have good genes, we're self aware, we respect the earth. Ain't nobody got nothin' on us. 

I'm not ashamed of it. I'm not ashamed that I feel like I'm better than you.
So if Katie Hopkins wants to get her Aryan master race on that's fine.
Where we part ways is when she takes her so called superiority and use it as a tool to bludgeon others with it. Put other people down; become toxic and negative. Promote hatred. That is when I begin to wonder at this so called superiority her kind like to peddle. Katie Hopkins, +Piers Morgan +Donald Trump  thee house slave +Wendy Williams. Their philosophies are based on putting other people down: on making other people feel as bad about themselves as they probably do. It's ill mannered, it's unkind; It makes me think that their so called master race tendencies are based on fear and a sense of inferiority rather than a genuine belief that they're better than everyone else.
It was the undocumented immigrant valedictorian from Texas who actually brought this to mind. I saw her on CNN and then ran across an instagram post featuring her. The comments under the Talk about jealousy and envy. People writing about how she must have been helped to get that 4.59 GPA and she 'stole' the scholarship from someone more deserving and blah blah how dare she blah blah throwing it in our faces...It struck me about how unhappy people love to spread their unhappiness.
 Katie Hopkins and Piers Morgan write for the daily mail. This cannot be anyone's goal in life. Tabloid is too good a term for that rag. It must be so depressing to have your opinions only good enough for that. Especially when you once had a show on +CNN . Poor baby; life must really suck for you Piers.

And Donald Trump...people justify his opinions by saying he's a billionaire so he must know what he's talking about. They justify all the stupid things he says by saying 'but he has money'. Money is the greatest blindfold of them all huh? If someone has money they must also be intelligent. Never mind how they got the money. As long as they have it. It's what holds us back in this here country. Looking up to the guys with (stolen) money. Anyway, back to the Donald and let's do a tiny comparative analysis with +Steve Jobs. When Steve Jobs was at +Apple; profit. When Steve Jobs isn't at Apple; loss. Now Donald Trump; how many times has he filed for bankruptcy? How many times has he been sued for defrauding people of their money? How much money did he inherit? How much has he grown what he did inherit? He seems to lurch from one lawsuit to another, filing for bankruptcy and fighting with women he deems 'ugly'...seeing as how he's such a prize *Crowley voice*.

I almost hope that the Donald wins. If this is what America really wants then they absolutely one hundred percent deserve him. There has never been a better time for the rest of the world to not be affected by what happens in the U.S of A. So if they want to ruin their country, their economy, their reputation and their future by electing this man as president, they should go right ahead. As Africa we look more to the East than the West right now for trade and development and more and more, we are looking towards each other. Europe has +Angela Merkel. She's ready to take over as supreme leader of the universe and do a much better job of it than anyone else has in a long while. So let's do this!
I will be saying I told you so though.
A gay nightclub in Orlando Florida was shot up and the death toll keeps rising. I understand it's at 59 now. The motive of the shooting is unknown because the gunman is dead. According to the Donald it's ISIS doing and he and Stacey Dash are talking about how it would not have gone unanswered in 'his regime' which is pretty ironic because he's one of the people who have given permission for hate to flourish. It's okay for America to Hate Again. These are the consequences. And who would he 'answer' to anyway? The gunman is dead so?
I personally was touched by one guy who was in the bathroom texting his mommy about how he was about to die. That is the nightmare text that keeps my phone on all night if my son is out of the house. That's the only thing I fear in this life. A text that tells me my son is never coming home again. I don't know what that mother did. I expect she got up and went to the club to see if she could rescue him/ offer herself in his place/ bludgeon the gunman to death...those would have been my actions anyway. And if I was too late to do any of those I would have hunted down his entire family and killed them all. I kid you not. R.I.P to all those random victims of someone's unhappiness.
When will it stop?

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