Sunday, 19 June 2016

Story Envy

So I was reading this story on archive, about a boy who nobody remembers. Now when I'm reading a book and it's exceptionally good, I get this feeling in my chest of awe or respect. Not really sure how to describe it.
When I'm reading fanfiction and it's exceptionally good writing, I just get envious. Like seriously, why don't I have those skills? It's crazy.
I don't want to be envious. I don't like ugly emotions. But I can't help myself.
So this story about this boy who nobody remembered five minutes after he is out of sight; it was really good. But I don't recommend it. The reason I don't recommend it is that even if you're a writer, it won't make you jealous.
It will traumatise you.

You know those stories which grab you and pull you so deep into someone's mind set that you become that person? So much so that you feel like what's happening to that person is happening to you? That story was like that. It was not a happy ending. In fact, it was a regular Charlie Foxtrot. (I just figured out what that is!)
Well anyway, as writers I believe that's what we're all aiming for. To make the reader care excessively about the characters, so much so that they manage to totally escape their own lives and catapult into the universe you've created.
If this is at all something that's happened to you while reading any of my books, please do let me know.

It's father's day today. So I'm gonna tell you guys about 'The Bulitia Story' also known as Requiscant in Pace. Bulitia was my dad, and the main character in this novella is named after him. They share a lot in common; strength, resilience, fortitude, cunning...but my dad was never a slave and he wasn't put on a ship or nothing. I don't know about his encounters with the supernatural. One time, we were watching football; I think it was Euro20whatever, and it was Greece vs. Italy or something. In any case, Greece was the underdog.

Well as usual, my dad had fallen asleep on the chair and I think we woke him up talking about how Greece was going to be slaughtered. And he got up to go to bed and said "You know what? As long as my fist is closed, Greece is going to win the match."
And we were like, "Sure Daddy. That's going to happen."
Guess what happened.
Greece won.
It was the freakiest thing.
Maybe dads are all prophetic? I don't know.
Ali was. About his boxing.
I'm just gonna put that under the 'mysteries' box and get on with my life.
I have a BDSM story to write so I'm gonna get on that.
I really don't get how pain is pleasurable though.

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