Friday, 6 October 2017

Character Analysis - Zawadi from In Search of Paradise

Is it too early for this? Probably right? I should wait until you've read the book shouldn't I? Okay, I'm gonna wait because I'm reasonable like that. What I will do is share an Instagram post with you which gives a little sneak peek at Zawadi Akasha, badass motherfucker, sister, daughter, friend.
She's one of the strongest characters I've ever written and all my women are strong. She's in this peculiar place where she's the last born child but also the first-born girl. So of course, nobody expects that her brother will 'look after' her. Nope.
TIA man, TIA.
The girl learns to cook fast, by the time she's twelve she should have the basic meals down.  Meanwhile, the boy child - Anders - can fuck around forever if he wants to. most households anyway. In mine, my son could also cook the basics by the time he was twelve.
Well anyways, apart from being 'the girl child' Zawadi is also the only one who knows her brother's big secret.
*whispers* that he's gay.
Today I was reading a post on the NGLHRC facebook page where a young gay man was beaten, robbed and blackmailed after meeting with someone from an app called hornet. They were asking people to be more careful about who they meet and make sure they aren't alone.
It's very sad I know, he was robbed; but also very interesting.
I didn't know there was a local version of Grindr.
Well, I suppose there has to be when you can't just go up to someone and say, "Hey, how you doing?"
This post is a lot longer than I planned.
Okay so help out NGLHRC to get such word out, you could be saving lives. All In Search of Paradise preorder proceeds will be donated to them so don't forget to pre-order today. Also in case you need further motivation, the price goes up after the pre-order period is done. So...up to you.
Here's the post.

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