Friday, 20 October 2017

PSA: You Are Being Brainwashed

I feel like the word 'hero' is misused a lot. Allow me to get political for once and rant to you a minute about what I see: Let us examine the contemporary context within which this word is used.
There are the "heroes" who go fight in wars, come back in coffins, after killing children and raping women all in the cause of what? Big Money.

You know that's why wars are fought right? To gain control of resources. There is nothing heroic about any war, any conflict. It's sad, dirty and shameful and the word "hero" is used to describe soldiers so you don't ask too many questions about what it is they're really doing over dere....wherever there is.
Not too long ago, when the filming of black men being gunned down by police was at its height, these policemen also started being called "heroes" and much ado was made about them standing "In the line of fire" and "putting their lives in danger."
I wonder whose life is in more danger. The police, or some twelve-year-old boy in a playground? Or a man in a supermarket looking at a BB gun...sure, these "heroes" are in so much danger. They must be allowed to kill everyone.
And now Black Lives Matter has been designated as a threat by the FBI. If you recall your history, you'll know that when they deemed the Black Panthers a threat, they sought to neutralize it by introducing cocaine into the equation. I wonder what they'll do this time since apparently everyone takes drugs now anyway...
Speaking of drug dealers, our leaders have been busy deploying heroes upon the citizenry since the failed election. These last two weeks we've been having demonstrations in the Republic because of police killing protestors. What is the response of these absolute "heroes"? To shoot at more people including a two-year-old. I tell you what would we do without these heroes? We'd be lost. Lost!
Today is Mashujaa Day in Kenya...heroes day.

But which heroes are we celebrating exactly?
We're celebrating the home guards who took over the government from the British and proceeded to rape the land, pillage it, turn tribe against tribe and set the stage for all this unnecessary conflict we see today. We celebrate Mr. Moi who ruled us for 24 years and looted everything and then, where there was nothing left, said, "Here take your country."
We celebrate Kibaki who escalated and exacerbated the whole idea of Kikuyu supremacy much like Trump is doing for white supremacy.
I'll tell you what we don't celebrate. We don't celebrate Kenneth Matiba who was tortured in dungeons underneath Nyayo House for the sake of democracy. You ever hear his name being mentioned? No. You know why? Because that's not what these so-called holidays are about. They're about brainwashing you into complacency while Cercei and her court sell your souls to the highest bidder.
I have no time for this nonsense so I'm gonna go write my stories and mind my business.
Happy Heroes Day!
Oprah said if you want to be "woke" then you must start with yourself. Take care of yourself first, make sure you're the best version of you before you try to wake other people up. So I'm just gonna go and keep working on myself first. You do the same.

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