Sunday, 15 October 2017

Toxic Masculinity...and Femme

So I'm minding my business right? Trying to finish up a manuscript for a client while I ponder on whether or not to make a blog post on a Sunday. Then I come across this article...and I'm like dude! So there are men out there who won't wipe their asses because homophobia? Seriously?
Do guys have any like, need to be clean? Do you at all feel uncomfortable when you haven't bathed for a while? I know my son doesn't, I know some guys are super allergic to water, but...there has to be some sort of line. Doesn't there? Is it because we don't make you clean up enough? You don't have to face the consequences of your (in)actions?
My mind is just folded in on itself and cringing right now.
Why are men so afraid of themselves. If you stick your finger in your anus, what? You immediately become less of a man? I just finished re-reading Voyager by Diana Gabaldon - yes I know, where do I find the time? It's called goofing off when you're supposed to be working. How do I get any work done then? I don't know man. As Cardi B said, "da fuck! because God chose me!"
Anyways, Voyager.
There is this part where Jamie takes Claire to a brothel and she's having breakfast with the other 'girls'. They think she's the new one so when the madame comes in the room and they think that there's a new client - new girl gets the ones nobody wants i.e. the clients who come at breakfast time - so they tell her 'just stick your finger in his bum. he'll come right away.'
It's called an erogenous zone. It's a bundle of nerves on the prostate. It feels good, gay or straight. It's anatomy. Why are y'all afraid of your anatomy?
Y'all's toxic masculinity will kill you all one day, you know that right? I mean, literally, kill you. Is it worth it to fit into some idiotic view of what 'manhood' is?
Speaking of idiotic views, there is one which has been bugging the fuck outta me recently and that is the idea that a woman cannot succeed on merit; there has to be some guy behind her that she's sleeping with/who's helping her for some reason. And it's bad enough that men have that view, but more than anything, it's other women who like to espouse this theory. Now Azealia Banks is crazy - like mentally ill crazy - but her views are echoed by many women. Nicki Minaj made it because of Safaree, Rihanna slept with everyone in the industry...

And then speaking of Rihanna, P!nk apparently got Eminem to collaborate with her by saying she might not be as hot as Rihanna but she's funnier. God forbid that Rihanna be hot, popular and funny too. Well too bad for you P!nk because Rihanna definitely funnier than you. I literally wanted to jump down her throat and not just cause Riri is my fave. I mean if we were to trade receipts here;  people who have said P!nk is funny versus people who have said Rihanna is funny...literally the only person I know who has said P!nk is funny, is P!nk. I can post on here several articles and interviews by various people including Oprah, saying how unexpectedly funny Rihanna is.
My point is that people like P!nk who are not conventionally considered to be pretty get this pass. They get to be considered to be intelligent and 'funny' or whatever. But god forbid you be pretty and intelligent at the same time. How many times have people said Rihanna can't sing, that she's a pawn in the wheel of the corporation; all evidence to the contrary? It's super fucking annoying.
Why are we those bitches.
Those 'why her and not me' bitches?
We need to learn to have more open hearts, to live in an attitude of abundance rather than that of scarcity. If I am successful it doesn't mean you can't be successful too. I saw this post on Instagram where this white woman, literally with no teeth and two young kids was saying there needs to be genocide - of people of color - so that her kids and other white kids can prosper.
First of all, these so-called white supremacists are kind of pathetic with their fear and their inadequacy. Of course, I personally don't have to live with their shit so it might be easier for me to look down on them. But this whole 'we must eliminate the competition' comes from a place of scarcity mentality. And this mentality keeps you a prisoner of fear.
Free your mind.
Let me allow Cardi B to tell you, she says it so much more elegantly...

So anyway, here's me doing my bit to make the world a more inclusive place by trying to normalize gayness in Kenya with a story.
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