Thursday, 12 October 2017

International Day of the Girl

I love every version of this song in existence. This morning I spent half an hour looking for my DVD of the BET Awards 2016 just so I could watch the Beyonce/Kendrick Lamar version (didn't find it though). There's just something about it that lifts the spirit and makes you wanna get up and do, right?
I have to admit though, I did not know some of these statistics. For the last seventeen years, most of my focus has been on the boy child.
It almost seems insurmountable, some of these goals, when I think about what everyday life is like. Girls are strong - the things they endure and still persist...smh. But I think we take that strength for granted sometimes. Like there's no breaking point. But there is, isn't there. We just so good at hiding it.
So what am I going to do with this info? I expect if I look around something'll come to me.
That HIV statistic though...twice as likely to get HIV. You know why that is? It's all about surface area. The membrane inside the vagina is very porous, let's things through pretty easy. For the penis, most of it is covered by skin except the tip. Not as wide a surface area for germs to get through. Also, when the man ejaculates into the woman, HIV is in his sperm. Women don't orgasm that often with men, some women never have, so, no ejaculate going the other way. Very likely when a woman infects a man with HIV it's because she has open wounds in her vagina.
That's why gay men tend to get HIV at a higher rate than straight men. The anus has, even more likelihood of having scratches and little wounds because it is not a self-lubricating passage and tends to get lacerations easier.
Okay, so this turned into a sex ed class.
Have I taught you something? Don't forget it.
And watch the video.
Also, don't forget that Book Launch for Charity is still live!

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